Biblia za jeden rok

Augusta 11

Job 13:1-28
1. Lo, all -- hath mine eye seen, Heard hath mine ear, and it attendeth to it.
2. According to your knowledge I have known -- also I. I am not fallen more than you.
3. Yet I for the Mighty One do speak, And to argue for God I delight.
4. And yet, ye [are] forgers of falsehood, Physicians of nought -- all of you,
5. O that ye would keep perfectly silent, And it would be to you for wisdom.
6. Hear, I pray you, my argument, And to the pleadings of my lips attend,
7. For God do ye speak perverseness? And for Him do ye speak deceit?
8. His face do ye accept, if for God ye strive?
9. Is [it] good that He doth search you, If, as one mocketh at a man, ye mock at Him?
10. He doth surely reprove you, if in secret ye accept faces.
11. Doth not His excellency terrify you? And His dread fall upon you?
12. Your remembrances [are] similes of ashes, For high places of clay your heights.
13. Keep silent from me, and I speak, And pass over me doth what?
14. Wherefore do I take my flesh in my teeth? And my soul put in my hand?
15. Lo, He doth slay me -- I wait not! Only, my ways unto His face I argue.
16. Also -- He [is] to me for salvation, For the profane cometh not before Him.
17. Hear ye diligently my word, And my declaration with your ears.
18. Lo, I pray you, I have set in order the cause, I have known that I am righteous.
19. Who [is] he that doth strive with me? For now I keep silent and gasp.
20. Only two things, O God, do with me: Then from Thy face I am not hidden.
21. Thy hand put far off from me, And Thy terror let not terrify me.
22. And call Thou, and I -- I answer, Or -- I speak, and answer Thou me.
23. How many iniquities and sins have I? My transgression and my sin let me know.
24. Why dost Thou hide Thy face? And reckonest me for an enemy to Thee?
25. A leaf driven away dost Thou terrify? And the dry stubble dost Thou pursue?
26. For Thou writest against me bitter things, And causest me to possess iniquities of my youth:
27. And puttest in the stocks my feet, And observest all my paths, On the roots of my feet Thou settest a print,
28. And he, as a rotten thing, weareth away, As a garment hath a moth consumed him.

Job 14:1-22
1. Man, born of woman! Of few days, and full of trouble!
2. As a flower he hath gone forth, and is cut off, And he fleeth as a shadow and standeth not.
3. Also -- on this Thou hast opened Thine eyes, And dost bring me into judgment with Thee.
4. Who giveth a clean thing out of an unclean? not one.
5. If determined are his days, The number of his months [are] with Thee, His limit Thou hast made, And he passeth not over;
6. Look away from off him that he may cease, Till he enjoy as an hireling his day.
7. For there is of a tree hope, if it be cut down, That again it doth change, That its tender branch doth not cease.
8. If its root becometh old in the earth, And its stem doth die in the dust,
9. From the fragrance of water it doth flourish, And hath made a crop as a plant.
10. And a man dieth, and becometh weak, And man expireth, and where [is] he?
11. Waters have gone away from a sea, And a river becometh waste and dry.
12. And man hath lain down, and riseth not, Till the wearing out of the heavens they awake not, Nor are roused from their sleep.
13. O that in Sheol Thou wouldst conceal me, Hide me till the turning of Thine anger, Set for me a limit, and remember me.
14. If a man dieth -- doth he revive? All days of my warfare I wait, till my change come.
15. Thou dost call, and I -- I answer Thee; To the work of Thy hands Thou hast desire.
16. But now, my steps Thou numberest, Thou dost not watch over my sin.
17. Sealed up in a bag [is] my transgression, And Thou sewest up mine iniquity.
18. And yet, a falling mountain wasteth away, And a rock is removed from its place.
19. Stones have waters worn away, Their outpourings wash away the dust of earth, And the hope of man Thou hast destroyed.
20. Thou prevailest [over] him for ever, and he goeth, He is changing his countenance, And Thou sendest him away.
21. Honoured are his sons, and he knoweth not; And they are little, and he attendeth not to them.
22. Only -- his flesh for him is pained, And his soul for him doth mourn.`

Psalms 94:12-19
12. O the happiness of the man Whom Thou instructest, O Jah, And out of Thy law teachest him,
13. To give rest to him from days of evil, While a pit is digged for the wicked.
14. For Jehovah leaveth not His people, And His inheritance forsaketh not.
15. For to righteousness judgment turneth back, And after it all the upright of heart,
16. Who riseth up for me with evil doers? Who stationeth himself for me with workers of iniquity?
17. Unless Jehovah [were] a help to me, My soul had almost inhabited silence.
18. If I have said, `My foot hath slipped,` Thy kindness, O Jehovah, supporteth me.
19. In the abundance of my thoughts within me, Thy comforts delight my soul.

Proverbs 22:26-27
26. Be not thou among those striking hands, Among sureties [for] burdens.
27. If thou hast nothing to pay, Why doth he take thy bed from under thee?

Romans 11:1-18
1. I say, then, Did God cast away His people? let it not be! for I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin:
2. God did not cast away His people whom He knew before; have ye not known -- in Elijah -- what the Writing saith? how he doth plead with God concerning Israel, saying,
3. `Lord, Thy prophets they did kill, and Thy altars they dug down, and I was left alone, and they seek my life;`
4. but what saith the divine answer to him? `I left to Myself seven thousand men, who did not bow a knee to Baal.`
5. So then also in the present time a remnant according to the choice of grace there hath been;
6. and if by grace, no more of works, otherwise the grace becometh no more grace; and if of works, it is no more grace, otherwise the work is no more work.
7. What then? What Israel doth seek after, this it did not obtain, and the chosen did obtain, and the rest were hardened,
8. according as it hath been written, `God gave to them a spirit of deep sleep, eyes not to see, and ears not to hear,` -- unto this very day,
9. and David saith, `Let their table become for a snare, and for a trap, and for a stumbling-block, and for a recompense to them;
10. let their eyes be darkened -- not to behold, and their back do Thou always bow down.`
11. I say, then, Did they stumble that they might fall? let it not be! but by their fall the salvation [is] to the nations, to arouse them to jealousy;
12. and if the fall of them [is] the riches of a world, and the diminution of them the riches of nations, how much more the fulness of them?
13. For to you I speak -- to the nations -- inasmuch as I am indeed an apostle of nations, my ministration I do glorify;
14. if by any means I shall arouse to jealousy mine own flesh, and shall save some of them,
15. for if the casting away of them [is] a reconciliation of the world, what the reception -- if not life out of the dead?
16. and if the first-fruit [is] holy, the lump also; and if the root [is] holy, the branches also.
17. And if certain of the branches were broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree, wast graffed in among them, and a fellow-partaker of the root and of the fatness of the olive tree didst become --
18. do not boast against the branches; and if thou dost boast, thou dost not bear the root, but the root thee!