Bible in one year

August 1

Esther 3:1-15
1. After these things hath the king Ahasuerus exalted Haman son of Hammedatha the Agagite, and lifteth him up, and setteth his throne above all the heads who [are] with him,
2. and all servants of the king, who [are] in the gate of the king, are bowing and doing obeisance to Haman, for so hath the king commanded for him; and Mordecai doth not bow nor do obeisance.
3. And the servants of the king, who [are] in the gate of the king, say to Mordecai, `Wherefore [art] thou transgressing the command of the king?`
4. And it cometh to pass, in their speaking unto him, day by day, and he hath not hearkened unto them, that they declare [it] to Haman, to see whether the words of Mordecai do stand, for he hath declared to them that he [is] a Jew.
5. And Haman seeth that Mordecai is not bowing and doing obeisance to him, and Haman is full of fury,
6. and it is contemptible in his eyes to put forth a hand on Mordecai by himself, for they have declared to him the people of Mordecai, and Haman seeketh to destroy all the Jews who [are] in all the kingdom of Ahasuerus -- the people of Mordecai.
7. In the first month -- it [is] the month of Nisan -- in the twelfth year of the king Ahasuerus, hath one caused to fall Pur (that [is] the lot) before Haman, from day to day, and from month to month, [to] the twelfth, it [is] the month of Adar.
8. And Haman saith to the king Ahasuerus, `There is one people scattered and separated among the peoples, in all provinces of thy kingdom, and their laws [are] diverse from all people, and the laws of the king they are not doing, and for the king it is not profitable to suffer them;
9. if to the king [it be] good, let it be written to destroy them, and ten thousand talents of silver I weigh into the hands of those doing the work, to bring [it] in unto the treasuries of the king.`
10. And the king turneth aside his signet from off his hand, and giveth it to Haman son of Hammedatha the Agagite, adversary of the Jews;
11. and the king saith to Haman, `The silver is given to thee, and the people, to do with it as [it is] good in thine eyes.`
12. And scribes of the king are called, on the first month, on the thirteenth day of it, and it is written according to all that Haman hath commanded, unto lieutenants of the king, and unto the governors who [are] over province and province, and unto the heads of people and people, province and province, according to its writing, and people and people according to its tongue, in the name of the king Ahasuerus it hath been written and sealed with the signet of the king,
13. and letters to be sent by the hand of the runners unto all provinces of the king, to cut off, to slay, and to destroy all the Jews, from young even unto old, infant and women, on one day, on the thirteenth of the twelfth month -- it [is] the month of Adar -- and their spoil to seize,
14. a copy of the writing to be made law in every province and province is revealed to all the peoples, to be ready for this day.
15. The runners have gone forth, hastened by the word of the king, and the law hath been given in Shushan the palace, and the king and Haman have sat down to drink, and the city Shushan is perplexed.

Esther 4:1-17
1. And Mordecai hath known all that hath been done, and Mordecai rendeth his garments, and putteth on sackcloth and ashes, and goeth forth into the midst of the city and crieth -- a cry loud and bitter,
2. and he cometh in unto the front of the gate of the king, but none is to come in unto the gate of the king with a sackcloth-garment.
3. And in every province and province, the place where the word of the king, even his law, is coming, a great mourning have the Jews, and fasting, and weeping, and lamenting: sackcloth and ashes are spread for many.
4. And young women of Esther come in and her eunuchs, and declare [it] to her, and the queen is exceedingly pained, and sendeth garments to clothe Mordecai, and to turn aside his sackcloth from off him, and he hath not received [them].
5. And Esther calleth to Hatach, of the eunuchs of the king, whom he hath stationed before her, and giveth him a charge for Mordecai, to know what this [is], and wherefore this [is].
6. And Hatach goeth out unto Mordecai, unto a broad place of the city, that [is] before the gate of the king,
7. and Mordecai declareth to him all that hath met him, and the explanation of the money that Haman said to weigh to the treasuries of the king for the Jews, to destroy them,
8. and the copy of the writing of the law that had been given in Shushan to destroy them he hath given to him, to shew Esther, and to declare [it] to her, and to lay a charge on her to go in unto the king, to make supplication to him, and to seek from before him, for her people.
9. And Hatach cometh in and declareth to Esther the words of Mordecai,
10. and Esther speaketh to Hatach, and chargeth him for Mordecai:
11. `All servants of the king, and people of the provinces of the king, do know that any man and woman, who cometh in unto the king, unto the inner court, who is not called -- one law [of] his [is] to put [them] to death, apart from him to whom the king holdeth out the golden sceptre, then he hath lived; and I -- I have not been called to come in unto the king these thirty days.`
12. And they declare to Mordecai the words of Esther,
13. and Mordecai speaketh to send back unto Esther: `Do not think in thy soul to be delivered [in] the house of the king, more than all the Jews,
14. but if thou keep entirely silent at this time, respite and deliverance remaineth to the Jews from another place, and thou and the house of thy fathers are destroyed; and who knoweth whether for a time like this thou hast come to the kingdom?`
15. And Esther speaketh to send back unto Mordecai:
16. `Go, gather all the Jews who are found in Shushan, and fast for me, and do not eat nor drink three days, by night and by day; also I and my young women do fast likewise, and so I go in unto the king, that [is] not according to law, and when I have perished -- I have perished.`
17. And Mordecai passeth on, and doth according to all that Esther hath charged upon him.

Psalms 89:46-52
46. Till when, O Jehovah, art Thou hidden? For ever doth Thy fury burn as fire?
47. Remember, I pray Thee, what [is] life-time? Wherefore in vain hast Thou created All the sons of men?
48. Who [is] the man that liveth, and doth not see death? He delivereth his soul from the hand of Sheol. Selah.
49. Where [are] Thy former kindnesses, O Lord. Thou hast sworn to David in Thy faithfulness,
50. Remember, O Lord, the reproach of Thy servants, I have borne in my bosom all the strivings of the peoples,
51. Wherewith Thine enemies reproached, O Jehovah, Wherewith they have reproached The steps of Thine anointed.
52. Blessed [is] Jehovah to the age. Amen, and amen!

Proverbs 22:7-8
7. The rich over the poor ruleth, And a servant [is] the borrower to the lender.
8. Whoso is sowing perverseness reapeth sorrow, And the rod of his anger weareth out.

Romans 3:1-31
1. What, then, [is] the superiority of the Jew? or what the profit of the circumcision?
2. much in every way; for first, indeed, that they were intrusted with the oracles of God;
3. for what, if certain were faithless? shall their faithlessness the faithfulness of god make useless?
4. let it not be! and let God become true, and every man false, according as it hath been written, `That Thou mayest be declared righteous in Thy words, and mayest overcome in Thy being judged.`
5. And, if our unrighteousness God`s righteousness doth establish, what shall we say? is God unrighteous who is inflicting the wrath? (after the manner of a man I speak)
6. let it not be! since how shall God judge the world?
7. for if the truth of God in my falsehood did more abound to His glory, why yet am I also as a sinner judged?
8. and not, as we are evil spoken of, and as certain affirm us to say -- `We may do the evil things, that the good ones may come?` whose judgment is righteous.
9. What, then? are we better? not at all! for we did before charge both Jews and Greeks with being all under sin,
10. according as it hath been written -- `There is none righteous, not even one;
11. There is none who is understanding, there is none who is seeking after God.
12. All did go out of the way, together they became unprofitable, there is none doing good, there is not even one.
13. A sepulchre opened [is] their throat; with their tongues they used deceit; poison of asps [is] under their lips.
14. Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness.
15. Swift [are] their feet to shed blood.
16. Ruin and misery [are] in their ways.
17. And a way of peace they did not know.
18. There is no fear of God before their eyes.`
19. And we have known that as many things as the law saith, to those in the law it doth speak, that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may come under judgment to God;
20. wherefore by works of law shall no flesh be declared righteous before Him, for through law is a knowledge of sin.
21. And now apart from law hath the righteousness of God been manifested, testified to by the law and the prophets,
22. and the righteousness of God [is] through the faith of Jesus Christ to all, and upon all those believing, -- for there is no difference,
23. for all did sin, and are come short of the glory of God --
24. being declared righteous freely by His grace through the redemption that [is] in Christ Jesus,
25. whom God did set forth a mercy seat, through the faith in his blood, for the shewing forth of His righteousness, because of the passing over of the bygone sins in the forbearance of God --
26. for the shewing forth of His righteousness in the present time, for His being righteous, and declaring him righteous who [is] of the faith of Jesus.
27. Where then [is] the boasting? it was excluded; by what law? of works? no, but by a law of faith:
28. therefore do we reckon a man to be declared righteous by faith, apart from works of law.
29. The God of Jews only [is He], and not also of nations?
30. yes, also of nations; since one [is] God who shall declare righteous the circumcision by faith, and the uncircumcision through the faith.
31. Law then do we make useless through the faith? let it not be! yea, we do establish law.