Bible in one year

June 9

2 Kings 5:1-27
1. And Naaman, head of the host of the king of Aram, was a great man before his lord, and accepted of face, for by him had Jehovah given salvation to Aram, and the man was mighty in valour -- leprous.
2. And the Aramaeans have gone out [by] troops, and they take captive out of the land of Israel a little damsel, and she is before the wife of Naaman,
3. and she saith unto her mistress, `O that my lord [were] before the prophet who [is] in Samaria; then he doth recover him from his leprosy.`
4. And [one] goeth in and declareth to his lord, saying, `Thus and thus she hath spoken, the damsel who [is] from the land of Israel.`
5. And the king of Aram saith, `Go thou, enter, and I send a letter unto the king of Israel;` and he goeth and taketh in his hand ten talents of silver, and six thousand [pieces] of gold, and ten changes of garments.
6. And he bringeth in the letter unto the king of Israel, saying, `And now, at the coming in of this letter unto thee, lo, I have sent unto thee Naaman my servant, and thou hast recovered him from his leprosy.`
7. And it cometh to pass, at the king of Israel`s reading the letter, that he rendeth his garments, and saith, `Am I God, to put to death and to keep alive, that this [one] is sending unto me to recover a man from his leprosy? for surely know, I pray you, and see, for he is presenting himself to me.`
8. And it cometh to pass, at Elisha the man of God`s hearing that the king of Israel hath rent his garments, that he sendeth unto the king, saying, `Why hast thou rent thy garments? let him come, I pray thee, unto me, and he doth know that there is a prophet in Israel.`
9. And Naaman cometh, with his horses and with his chariot, and standeth at the opening of the house for Elisha;
10. and Elisha sendeth unto him a messenger, saying, `Go, and thou hast washed seven times in Jordan, and thy flesh doth turn back to thee -- and be thou clean.
11. And Naaman is wroth, and goeth on, and saith, `Lo, I said, Unto me he doth certainly come out, and hath stood and called in the name of Jehovah his God, and waved his hand over the place, and recovered the leper.
12. Are not Abana and Pharpar, rivers of Damascus, better than all the waters of Israel? do I not wash in them and I have been clean?` and he turneth and goeth on in fury.
13. And his servants come nigh, and speak unto him, and say, `My father, a great thing had the prophet spoken unto thee -- dost thou not do [it]? and surely, when he hath said unto thee, Wash, and be clean.`
14. And he goeth down and dippeth in Jordan seven times, according to the word of the man of God, and his flesh doth turn back as the flesh of a little youth, and is clean.
15. And he turneth back unto the man of God, he and all his camp, and cometh in, and standeth before him, and saith, `Lo, I pray thee, I have known that there is not a God in all the earth except in Israel; and now, take, I pray thee, a blessing from thy servant.`
16. And he saith, `Jehovah liveth, before whom I have stood -- if I take [it];` and he presseth on him to take, and he refuseth.
17. And Naaman saith, `If not -- let be given, I pray thee, to thy servant, a couple of mules` burden of earth, for thy servant doth make no more burnt-offering and sacrifice to other gods, but to Jehovah.
18. For this thing Jehovah be propitious to thy servant, in the coming in of my lord into the house of Rimmon to bow himself there, and he was supported by my hand, and I bowed myself [in] the house of Rimmon; for my bowing myself in the house of Rimmon Jehovah be propitious, I pray thee, to thy servant in this thing.`
19. And he saith to him, `Go in peace.` And he goeth from him a kibrath of land,
20. And Gehazi, servant of Elisha the man of God, saith, `Lo, my lord hath spared Naaman this Aramaean, not to receive from his hand that which he brought; Jehovah liveth; surely if I have run after him, then I have taken from him something.`
21. And Gehazi pursueth after Naaman, and Naaman seeth one running after him, and alighteth from off the chariot to meet him, and saith, `Is there peace?`
22. And he saith, `Peace; my lord hath sent me, saying, Lo, now, this, come unto me have two young men from the hill-country of Ephraim, of the sons of the prophets; give, I pray thee, to them, a talent of silver, and two changes of garments.`
23. And Naaman saith, `Be pleased, take two talents;` and he urgeth on him, and bindeth two talents of silver in two purses, and two changes of garments, and giveth unto two of his young men, and they bear before him;
24. and he cometh in unto the high place, and taketh out of their hand, and layeth up in the house, and sendeth away the men, and they go.
25. And he hath come in, and doth stand by his lord, and Elisha saith unto him, `Whence -- Gehazi?` and he saith, `Thy servant went not hither or thither.`
26. And he saith unto him, `My heart went not when the man turned from off his chariot to meet thee; is it a time to take silver, and to take garments, and olives, and vines, and flock, and herd, and men-servants, and maid-servants?
27. yea, the leprosy of Naaman doth cleave to thee, and to thy seed, -- to the age;` and he goeth out from before him -- leprous as snow.

2 Kings 6:1-33
1. And sons of the prophet say unto Elisha, `Lo, we pray thee, the place where we are dwelling before thee is too strait for us;
2. let us go, we pray thee, unto the Jordan, and we take thence each one beam, and we make for ourselves there a place to dwell there;` and he saith, `Go.`
3. And the one saith, `Be pleased, I pray thee, and go with thy servants;` and he saith, `I -- I go.`
4. And he goeth with them, and they come in to the Jordan, and cut down the trees,
5. and it cometh to pass, the one is felling the beam, and the iron hath fallen into the water, and he crieth and saith, `Alas! my lord, and it asked!`
6. And the man of God saith, `Whither hath it fallen?` and he sheweth him the place, and he cutteth a stick, and casteth thither, and causeth the iron to swim,
7. and saith, `Raise to thee;` and he putteth forth his hand and taketh it.
8. And the king of Aram hath been fighting against Israel, and taketh counsel with his servants, saying, `At such and such a place [is] my encamping.`
9. And the man of God sendeth unto the king of Israel, saying, `Take heed of passing by this place, for thither are the Aramaeans coming down;
10. and the king of Israel sendeth unto the place of which the man of God spake to him, and warned him, and he is preserved there not once nor twice.
11. And the heart of the king of Aram is tossed about concerning this thing, and he calleth unto his servants, and saith unto them, `Do ye not declare to me who of us [is] for the king of Israel?`
12. And one of his servants saith, `Nay, my lord, O king, for Elisha the prophet, who [is] in Israel, declareth to the king of Israel the words that thou speakest in the inner part of thy bed-chamber.`
13. And he saith, `Go ye and see where he [is], and I send and take him;` and it is declared to him, saying, `Lo -- in Dothan.`
14. And he sendeth thither horses and chariot, and a heavy force, and they come in by night, and go round against the city.
15. And the servant of the man of God riseth early, and goeth out, and lo, a force is surrounding the city, and horse and chariot, and his young man saith unto him, `Alas! my lord, how do we do?`
16. And he saith, `Fear not, for more [are] they who [are] with us than they who [are] with them.`
17. And Elisha prayeth, and saith, `Jehovah, open, I pray Thee, his eyes, and he doth see;` and Jehovah openeth the eyes of the young man, and he seeth, and lo, the hill is full of horses and chariots of fire, round about Elisha.
18. And they come down unto it, and Elisha prayeth unto Jehovah, and saith, `Smite, I pray Thee, this nation with blindness;` and He smiteth them with blindness, according to the word of Elisha.
19. And Elisha saith unto them, `This [is] not the way, nor [is] this the city; come after me, and I lead you unto the man whom ye seek;` and he leadeth them to Samaria.
20. And it cometh to pass, at their coming in to Samaria, that Elisha saith, `Jehovah, open the eyes of these, and they see;` and Jehovah openeth their eyes, and they see, and lo, in the midst of Samaria!
21. And the king of Israel saith unto Elisha, at his seeing them, `Do I smite -- do I smite -- my father?`
22. And he saith, `Thou dost not smite; those whom thou hast taken captive with thy sword and with thy bow art thou smiting? set bread and water before them, and they eat, and drink, and go unto their lord.`
23. And he prepareth for them great provision, and they eat and drink, and he sendeth them away, and they go unto their lord: and troops of Aram have not added any more to come in to the land of Israel.
24. And it cometh to pass afterwards, that Ben-Hadad king of Aram gathereth all his camp, and goeth up, and layeth siege to Samaria,
25. and there is a great famine in Samaria, and lo, they are laying siege to it, till the head of an ass is at eighty silverlings, and a forth of the cab of dovesdung at five silverlings.
26. And it cometh to pass, the king of Israel is passing by on the wall, and a woman hath cried unto him, saying, `Save, my lord, O king.`
27. And he saith, `Jehovah doth not save thee -- whence do I save thee? out of the threshing-floor, or out of the wine-vat?`
28. And the king saith to her, `What -- to thee?` and she saith, `This woman said unto me, Give thy son, and we eat him to-day, and my son we eat to-morrow;
29. and we boil my son and eat him, and I say unto her on the next day, Give thy son, and we eat him; and she hideth her son.`
30. And it cometh to pass, at the king`s hearing the words of the woman, that he rendeth his garments, and he is passing by on the wall, and the people see, and lo, the sackcloth [is] on his flesh within.
31. And he saith, `Thus doth God do to me, and thus He doth add -- if it remain -- the head of Elisha son of Shaphat -- upon him this day.`
32. And Elisha is sitting in his house, and the elders are sitting with him, and [the king] sendeth a man from before him; before the messenger doth come unto him, even he himself said unto the elders, `Have ye seen that this son of the murderer hath sent to turn aside my head? see, at the coming in of the messenger, shut the door, and ye have held him fast at the door, is not the sound of the feet of his lord behind him?`
33. He is yet speaking with them, and lo, the messenger is coming down unto him, and he saith, `Lo, this [is] the evil from Jehovah: what -- do I wait for Jehovah any more?`

Psalms 72:1-7
1. By Solomon. O God, Thy judgments to the king give, And Thy righteousness to the king`s son.
2. He judgeth Thy people with righteousness, And Thy poor with judgment.
3. The mountains bear peace to the people, And the heights by righteousness.
4. He judgeth the poor of the people, Giveth deliverance to the sons of the needy, And bruiseth the oppressor.
5. They fear Thee with the sun, and before the moon, Generation -- generations.
6. He cometh down as rain on mown grass, As showers -- sprinkling the earth.
7. Flourish in his days doth the righteous, And abundance of peace till the moon is not.

Proverbs 18:10-11
10. A tower of strength [is] the name of Jehovah, Into it the righteous runneth, and is set on high.
11. The wealth of the rich [is] the city of his strength, And as a wall set on high in his own imagination.

John 18:1-18
1. These things having said, Jesus went forth with his disciples beyond the brook of Kedron, where was a garden, into which he entered, himself and his disciples,
2. and Judas also, who delivered him up, had known the place, because many times did Jesus assemble there with his disciples.
3. Judas, therefore, having taken the band and officers out of the chief priests and Pharisees, doth come thither with torches and lamps, and weapons;
4. Jesus, therefore, knowing all things that are coming upon him, having gone forth, said to them, `Whom do ye seek?`
5. they answered him, `Jesus the Nazarene;` Jesus saith to them, `I am [he];` -- and Judas who delivered him up was standing with them; --
6. when, therefore, he said to them -- `I am [he],` they went away backward, and fell to the ground.
7. Again, therefore, he questioned them, `Whom do ye seek?` and they said, `Jesus the Nazarene;`
8. Jesus answered, `I said to you that I am [he]; if, then, me ye seek, suffer these to go away;`
9. that the word might be fulfilled that he said -- `Those whom Thou hast given to me, I did not lose of them even one.`
10. Simon Peter, therefore, having a sword, drew it, and struck the chief priest`s servant, and cut off his right ear -- and the name of the servant was Malchus --
11. Jesus, therefore, said to Peter, `Put the sword into the sheath; the cup that the Father hath given to me, may I not drink it?`
12. The band, therefore, and the captain, and the officers of the Jews, took hold on Jesus, and bound him,
13. and they led him away to Annas first, for he was father-in-law of Caiaphas, who was chief priest of that year,
14. and Caiaphas was he who gave counsel to the Jews, that it is good for one man to perish for the people.
15. And following Jesus was Simon Peter, and the other disciple, and that disciple was known to the chief priest, and he entered with Jesus to the hall of the chief priest,
16. and Peter was standing at the door without, therefore went forth the other disciple who was known to the chief priest, and he spake to the female keeping the door, and he brought in Peter.
17. Then said the maid keeping the door to Peter, `Art thou also of the disciples of this man?` he saith, `I am not;`
18. and the servants and the officers were standing, having made a fire of coals, because it was cold, and they were warming themselves, and Peter was standing with them, and warming himself.