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1 Samuel 18:1-30
1. And it cometh to pass, when he finisheth to speak unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan hath been bound to the soul of David, and Jonathan loveth him as his own soul.
2. And Saul taketh him on that day, and hath not permitted him to turn back to the house of his father.
3. And Jonathan maketh -- also David -- a covenant, because he loveth him as his own soul,
4. and Jonathan strippeth himself of the upper robe which [is] upon him, and giveth it to David, and his long robe, even unto his sword, and unto his bow, and unto his girdle.
5. And David goeth out whithersoever Saul doth send him; he acted wisely, and Saul setteth him over the men of war, and it is good in the eyes of all the people, and also in the eyes of the servants of Saul.
6. And it cometh to pass, in their coming in, in David`s returning from smiting the Philistine, that the women come out from all the cities of Israel to sing -- also the dancers -- to meet Saul the king, with tabrets, with joy, and with three-stringed instruments;
7. and the women answer -- those playing, and say, `Saul hath smitten among his thousands, And David among his myriads.`
8. And it is displeasing to Saul exceedingly, and this thing is evil in his eyes, and he saith, `They have given to David myriads, and to me they have given the thousands, and more to him [is] only the kingdom;`
9. and Saul is eyeing David from that day and thenceforth.
10. And it cometh to pass, on the morrow, that the spirit of sadness [from] God prospereth over Saul, and he prophesieth in the midst of the house, and David is playing with his hand, as day by day, and the javelin [is] in the hand of Saul,
11. and Saul casteth the javelin, and saith, `I smite through David, even through the wall;` and David turneth round out of his presence twice.
12. And Saul is afraid of the presence of David, for Jehovah hath been with him, and from Saul He hath turned aside;
13. and Saul turneth him aside from him, and appointeth him to himself head of a thousand, and he goeth out an cometh in, before the people.
14. And David is in all his ways acting wisely, and Jehovah [is] with him,
15. and Saul seeth that he is acting very wisely, and is afraid of him,
16. and all Israel and Judah love David when he is going out and coming in before them.
17. And Saul saith unto David, `Lo, my elder daughter Merab -- her I give to thee for a wife; only, be to me for a son of valour, and fight the battles of Jehovah;` and Saul said, `Let not my hand be on him, but let the hand of the Philistines be upon him.`
18. And David saith unto Saul, `Who [am] I? and what my life -- the family of my father in Israel -- that I am son-in-law to the king?`
19. And it cometh to pass, at the time of the giving of Merab daughter of Saul to David, that she hath been given to Adriel the Meholathite for a wife.
20. And Michal daughter of Saul loveth David, and they declare to Saul, and the thing is right in his eyes,
21. and Saul saith, `I give her to him, and she is to him for a snare, and the hand of the Philistines is on him;` and Saul saith unto David, `By the second -- thou dost become my son-in-law to-day.`
22. And Saul commandeth his servants, `Speak unto David gently, saying, Lo, the king hath delighted in thee, and all his servants have loved thee, and now, be son-in-law to the king.`
23. And the servants of Saul speak in the ears of David these words, and David saith, `Is it a light thing in your eyes to be son-in-law to the king -- and I a poor man, and lightly esteemed?`
24. And the servants of Saul declare to him, saying, `According to these words hath David spoken.`
25. And Saul saith, `Thus do ye say to David, There is no delight to the king in dowry, but in a hundred foreskins of the Philistines -- to be avenged on the enemies of the king;` and Saul thought to cause David to fall by the hand of the Philistines.
26. And his servants declare to David these words, and the thing is right in the eyes of David, to be son-in-law to the king; and the days have not been full,
27. and David riseth and goeth, he and his men, and smiteth among the Philistines two hundred men, and David bringeth in their foreskins, and they set them before the king, to be son-in-law to the king; and Saul giveth to him Michal his daughter for a wife.
28. And Saul seeth and knoweth that Jehovah [is] with David, and Michal daughter of Saul hath loved him,
29. and Saul addeth to be afraid of the presence of David yet; and Saul is an enemy with David all the days.
30. And the princes of the Philistines come out, and it cometh to pass from the time of their coming out, David hath acted more wisely than any of the servants of Saul, and his name is very precious.

1 Samuel 19:1-24
1. And Saul speaketh unto Jonathan his son, and unto all his servants, to put David to death,
2. and Jonathan son of Saul delighted exceedingly in David, and Jonathan declareth to David, saying, `Saul my father is seeking to put thee to death, and, now, take heed, I pray thee, in the morning, and thou hast abode in a secret place, and been hidden,
3. and I -- I go out, and have stood by the side of my father in the field where thou [art], and I speak of thee unto my father, and have seen what [is coming], and have declared to thee.`
4. And Jonathan speaketh good of David unto Saul his father, and saith unto him, `Let not the king sin against his servant, against David, because he hath not sinned against thee, and because his works for thee [are] very good;
5. yea, he putteth his life in his hand, and smiteth the Philistine, and Jehovah worketh a great salvation for all Israel; thou hast seen, and dost rejoice, and why dost thou sin against innocent blood, to put David to death for nought?`
6. And Saul hearkeneth to the voice of Jonathan, and Saul sweareth, `Jehovah liveth -- he doth not die.`
7. And Jonathan calleth for David, and Jonathan declareth to him all these words, and Jonathan bringeth in David unto Saul, and he is before him as heretofore.
8. And there addeth to be war, and David goeth out and fighteth against the Philistines, and smiteth among them -- a great smiting, and they flee from his face.
9. And a spirit of sadness [from] Jehovah is unto Saul, and he is sitting in his house, and his javelin in his hand, and David is playing with the hand,
10. and Saul seeketh to smite with the javelin through David, and through the wall, and he freeth himself from the presence of Saul, and he smiteth the javelin through the wall; and David hath fled and escapeth during that night.
11. And Saul sendeth messengers unto the house of David to watch him, and to put him to death in the morning; and Michal his wife declareth to David, saying, `If thou art not delivering thy life to-night -- tomorrow thou art put to death.`
12. And Michal causeth David to go down through the window, and he goeth on, and fleeth, and escapeth;
13. and Michal taketh the teraphim, and layeth on the bed, and the mattress of goats` [hair] she hath put [for] his pillows, and covereth with a garment.
14. And Saul sendeth messengers to take David, and she saith, `He [is] sick.`
15. And Saul sendeth the messengers to see David, saying, `Bring him up in the bed unto me,` -- to put him to death.
16. And the messengers come in, and lo, the teraphim [are] on the bed, and the mattress of goats` [hair], [for] his pillows.
17. And Saul saith unto Michal, `Why thus hast thou deceived me -- that thou dost send away mine enemy, and he is escaped?` and Michal saith unto Saul, `He said unto me, Send me away: why do I put thee to death?`
18. And David hath fled, and is escaped, and cometh in unto Samuel to Ramath, and declareth to him all that Saul hath done to him, and he goeth, he and Samuel, and they dwell in Naioth.
19. And it is declared to Saul, saying, `Lo, David [is] in Naioth in Ramah.`
20. And Saul sendeth messengers to take David, and they see the assembly of the prophets prophesying, and Samuel standing, set over them, and the Spirit of God is on Saul`s messengers, and they prophesy -- they also.
21. And they declare [it] to Saul, and he sendeth other messengers, and they prophesy -- they also; and Saul addeth and sendeth messengers a third time, and they prophesy -- they also.
22. And he goeth -- he also -- to Ramath, and cometh in unto the great well which [is] in Sechu, and asketh, and saith, `Where [are] Samuel and David?` and [one] saith, `Lo, in Naioth in Ramah.`
23. And he goeth thither -- unto Naioth in Ramah, and the Spirit of God is upon him -- him also; and he goeth, going on, and he prophesyeth till his coming in to Naioth in Ramah,
24. and he strippeth off -- he also -- his garments, and prophesieth -- he also -- before Samuel, and falleth down naked all that day and all the night; therefore they say, `Is Saul also among the prophets?`

Psalms 58:1-11
1. To the Overseer. -- `Destroy not.` -- A secret treasure, by David. Is it true, O dumb one, righteously ye speak? Uprightly ye judge, O sons of men?
2. Even in heart ye work iniquities, In the land the violence of your hands ye ponder.
3. The wicked have been estranged from the womb, They have erred from the belly, speaking lies.
4. Their poison [is] as poison of a serpent, As a deaf asp shutting its ear,
5. Which hearkeneth not to the voice of whisperers, A charmer of charms most skilful.
6. O God, break their teeth in their mouth, The jaw-teeth of young lions break down, O Jehovah.
7. They are melted as waters, They go up and down for themselves, His arrow proceedeth as they cut themselves off.
8. As a snail that melteth he goeth on, [As] an untimely birth of a woman, They have not seen the sun.
9. Before your pots discern the bramble, As well the raw as the heated He whirleth away.
10. The righteous rejoiceth that he hath seen vengeance, His steps he washeth in the blood of the wicked.
11. And man saith: `Surely fruit [is] for the righteous: Surely there is a God judging in the earth!`

Proverbs 15:27-30
27. A dishonest gainer is troubling his house, And whoso is hating gifts liveth.
28. The heart of the righteous meditateth to answer, And the mouth of the wicked uttereth evil things.
29. Far [is] Jehovah from the wicked, And the prayer of the righteous He heareth.
30. The light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart, A good report maketh fat the bone.

Luke 24:1-35
1. And on the first of the sabbaths, at early dawn, they came to the tomb, bearing the spices they made ready, and certain [others] with them,
2. and they found the stone having been rolled away from the tomb,
3. and having gone in, they found not the body of the Lord Jesus.
4. And it came to pass, while they are perplexed about this, that lo, two men stood by them in glittering apparel,
5. and on their having become afraid, and having inclined the face to the earth, they said to them, `Why do ye seek the living with the dead?
6. he is not here, but was raised; remember how he spake to you, being yet in Galilee,
7. saying -- It behoveth the Son of Man to be delivered up to the hands of sinful men, and to be crucified, and the third day to rise again.`
8. And they remembered his sayings,
9. and having turned back from the tomb told all these things to the eleven, and to all the rest.
10. And it was the Magdalene Mary, and Joanna, and Mary of James, and the other women with them, who told unto the apostles these things,
11. and their sayings appeared before them as idle talk, and they were not believing them.
12. And Peter having risen, did run to the tomb, and having stooped down he seeth the linen clothes lying alone, and he went away to his own home, wondering at that which was come to pass.
13. And, lo, two of them were going on during that day to a village, distant sixty furlongs from Jerusalem, the name of which [is] Emmaus,
14. and they were conversing with one another about all these things that have happened.
15. And it came to pass in their conversing and reasoning together, that Jesus himself, having come nigh, was going on with them,
16. and their eyes were holden so as not to know him,
17. and he said unto them, `What [are] these words that ye exchange with one another, walking, and ye are sad?`
18. And the one, whose name was Cleopas, answering, said unto him, `Art thou alone such a stranger in Jerusalem, that thou hast not known the things that came to pass in it in these days?`
19. And he said to them, `What things?` And they said to him, `The things about Jesus of Nazareth, who became a man -- a prophet -- powerful in deed and word, before God and all the people,
20. how also the chief priests and our rulers did deliver him up to a judgment of death, and crucified him;
21. and we were hoping that he it is who is about to redeem Israel, and also with all these things, this third day is passing to-day, since these things happened.
22. `And certain women of ours also astonished us, coming early to the tomb,
23. and not having found his body, they came, saying also to have seen an apparition of messengers, who say he is alive,
24. and certain of those with us went away unto the tomb, and found as even the women said, and him they saw not.`
25. And he said unto them, `O inconsiderate and slow in heart, to believe on all that the prophets spake!
26. Was it not behoving the Christ these things to suffer, and to enter into his glory?`
27. and having begun from Moses, and from all the prophets, he was expounding to them in all the Writings the things about himself.
28. And they came nigh to the village whither they were going, and he made an appearance of going on further,
29. and they constrained him, saying, `Remain with us, for it is toward evening,` and the day did decline, and he went in to remain with them.
30. And it came to pass, in his reclining (at meat) with them, having taken the bread, he blessed, and having broken, he was giving to them,
31. and their eyes were opened, and they recognized him, and he became unseen by them.
32. And they said one to another, `Was not our heart burning within us, as he was speaking to us in the way, and as he was opening up to us the Writings?`
33. And they, having risen up the same hour, turned back to Jerusalem, and found gathered together the eleven, and those with them,
34. saying -- `The Lord was raised indeed, and was seen by Simon;`
35. and they were telling the things in the way, and how he was made known to them in the breaking of the bread,