Bible in one year

May 6

1 Samuel 14:1-52
1. And the day cometh that Jonathan son of Saul saith unto the young man bearing his weapons, `Come, and we pass over unto the station of the Philistines, which [is] on the other side of this;` and to his father he hath not declared [it].
2. And Saul is abiding at the extremity of Gibeah, under the pomegranate which [is] in Migron, and the people who [are] with him, about six hundred men,
3. and Ahiah, son of Ahitub, brother of I-Chabod, son of Phinehas son of Eli priest of Jehovah in Shiloh, bearing an ephod; and the people knew not that Jonathan hath gone.
4. And between the passages where Jonathan sought to pass over unto the station of the Philistines [is] the edge of a rock on the one side, and the edge of a rock on the other side, and the name of the one is Bozez, and the name of the other Seneh.
5. The one edge [is] fixed on the north over-against Michmash, and the one on the south over-against Gibeah.
6. And Jonathan saith unto the young man bearing his weapons, `Come, and we pass over unto the station of these uncircumcised; it may be Jehovah doth work for us, for there is no restraint to Jehovah to save by many or by few.`
7. And the bearer of his weapons saith to him, `Do all that [is] in thy heart; turn for thee; lo, I [am] with thee, as thine own heart.`
8. And Jonathan saith, `Lo, we are passing over unto the men, and are revealed unto them;
9. if thus they say unto us, `Stand still till we have come unto you,` then we have stood in our place, and do not go up unto them;
10. and if thus they say, `Come up against us,` then we have gone up, for Jehovah hath given them into our hand, and this to us [is] the sign.
11. And revealed are both of them unto the station of the Philistines, and the Philistines say, `Lo, Hebrews are coming out of the holes where they have hid themselves.`
12. And the men of the station answer Jonathan, and the bearer of his weapons, and say, `Come up unto us, and we cause you to know something.` And Jonathan saith unto the bearer of his weapons, `Come up after me, for Jehovah hath given them into the hand of Israel.`
13. And Jonathan goeth up on his hands, and on his feet, and the bearer of his weapons after him; and they fall before Jonathan, and the bearer of his weapons is putting to death after him.
14. And the first smiting which Jonathan and the bearer of his weapons have smitten is of about twenty men, in about half a furrow of a yoke of a field,
15. and there is a trembling in the camp, in the field, and among all the people, the station and the destroyers have trembled -- even they, and the earth shaketh, and it becometh a trembling of God.
16. And the watchmen of Saul in Gibeah of Benjamin see, and lo, the multitude hath melted away, and it goeth on, and is beaten down.
17. And Saul saith to the people who [are] with him, `Inspect, I pray you, and see; who hath gone from us?` and they inspect, and lo, Jonathan and the bearer of his weapons are not.
18. And Saul saith to Ahiah, `Bring nigh the ark of God;` for the ark of God hath been on that day with the sons of Israel.
19. And it cometh to pass, while Saul spake unto the priest, that the noise which [is] in the camp of the Philistines goeth on, going on and becoming great, and Saul saith unto the priest, `Remove thy hand.`
20. And Saul is called, and all the people who [are] with him, and they come in unto the battle, and, lo, the sword of each hath been against his neighbour -- a very great destruction.
21. And the Hebrews [who] have been for the Philistines as heretofore, who had gone up with them into the camp, have turned round, even they, to be with Israel who [are] with Saul and Jonathan,
22. and all the men of Israel, who are hiding themselves in the hill-country of Ephraim, have heard that the Philistines have fled, and they pursue -- even they -- after them in battle.
23. And Jehovah saveth Israel on that day, and the battle hath passed over to Beth-Aven.
24. And the men of Israel have been distressed on that day, and Saul adjureth the people, saying, `Cursed [is] the man who eateth food till the evening, and I have been avenged of mine enemies;` and none of the people hath tasted food.
25. And all [they of] the land have come into a forest, and there is honey on the face of the field;
26. and the people come in unto the forest, and lo, the honey dropped, and none is moving his hand unto his mouth, for the people feared the oath.
27. And Jonathan hath not heard of his father`s adjuring the people, and putteth forth the end of the rod, which [is] in his hand, and dippeth it in the honeycomb, and bringeth back his hand unto his mouth -- and his eyes see!
28. And a man of the people answereth and saith, `Thy father certainly adjured the people, saying, Cursed [is] the man who eateth food to-day; and the people are weary.`
29. And Jonathan saith, `My father hath troubled the land; see, I pray you, that mine eyes have become bright because I tasted a little of this honey.
30. How much more if the people had well eaten to-day of the spoil of its enemies which it hath found, for now, the smiting hath not been great among the Philistines.`
31. And they smite on that day among the Philistines from Michmash to Aijalon, and the people are very weary,
32. and the people make unto the spoil, and take sheep, and oxen, and sons of the herd, and slaughter on the earth, and the people eat with the blood.
33. And they declare to Saul, saying, `Lo, the people are sinning against Jehovah, to eat with the blood.` And he saith, `Ye have dealt treacherously, roll unto me to-day a great stone.`
34. And Saul saith, `Be ye scattered among the people, and ye have said to them, Bring ye nigh unto me each his ox, and each his sheep; and ye have slain [them] in this place, and eaten, and ye do not sin against Jehovah to eat with the blood.` And all the people bring nigh each his ox, in his hand, that night, and slaughter [them] there.
35. And Saul buildeth an alter to Jehovah; with it he hath begun to build altars to Jehovah.
36. And Saul saith, `Let us go down after the Philistines by night, and we prey upon them till the light of the morning, and leave not a man of them.` And they say, `All that is good in thine eyes do.` And the priest saith, `Let us draw near hither unto God.`
37. And Saul asketh of God, `Do I go down after the Philistines? dost Thou give them into the hand of Israel?` and He hath not answered him on that day.
38. And Saul saith, `Draw ye nigh hither all, the chiefs of the people, and know and see in what this sin hath been to-day;
39. for, Jehovah liveth, who is saving Israel: surely if it be in Jonathan my son, surely he doth certainly die;` and none is answering him out of all the people.
40. And he saith unto all Israel, `Ye -- ye are on one side, and I and Jonathan my son are on another side;` and the people say unto Saul, `That which is good in thine eyes do.`
41. And Saul saith unto Jehovah, God of Israel, `Give perfection;` and Jonathan and Saul are captured, and the people went out.
42. And Saul saith, `Cast between me and Jonathan my son;` and Jonathan is captured.
43. And Saul saith unto Jonathan, `Declare to me, what hast thou done?` and Jonathan declareth to him, and saith, `I certainly tasted with the end of the rod that [is] in my hand a little honey; lo, I die!`
44. And Saul saith, `Thus doth God do, and thus doth He add, for thou dost certainly die, Jonathan.`
45. And the people say unto Saul, `Doth Jonathan die who wrought this great salvation in Israel? -- a profanation! Jehovah liveth, if there falleth from the hair of his head to the earth, for with God he hath wrought this day;` and the people rescue Jonathan, and he hath not died.
46. And Saul goeth up from after the Philistines, and the Philistines have gone to their place;
47. and Saul captured the kingdom over Israel, and he fighteth round about against all his enemies, against Moab, and against the Bene-Ammon, and against Edom, and against the kings of Zobah, and against the Philistines, and whithersoever he turneth he doth vex [them].
48. And he maketh a force, and smiteth Amalek, and delivereth Israel out of the hand of its spoiler.
49. And the sons of Saul are Jonathan, and Ishui, and Melchi-Shua; as to the name of his two daughters, the name of the first-born [is] Merab, and the name of the younger Michal;
50. and the name of the wife of Saul [is] Ahinoam, daughter of Ahimaaz; and the name of the head of his host [is] Abner son of Ner, uncle of Saul;
51. and Kish [is] father of Saul, and Ner father of Abner [is] son of Ahiel.
52. And the war is severe against the Philistines all the days of Saul; when Saul hath seen any mighty man, and any son of valour, then he doth gather him unto himself.

1 Samuel 15:1-35
1. And Samuel saith unto Saul, `Me did Jehovah send to anoint thee for king over His people, over Israel; and now, hearken to the voice of the words of Jehovah:
2. `Thus said Jehovah of Hosts, I have looked after that which Amalek did to Israel, that which he laid for him in the way in his going up out of Egypt.
3. Now, go, and thou hast smitten Amalek, and devoted all that it hath, and thou hast no pity on it, and hast put to death from man unto woman, from infant unto suckling, from ox unto sheep, from camel unto ass.`
4. And Saul summoneth the people, and inspecteth them in Telaim, two hundred thousand footmen, and ten thousand [are] men of Judah.
5. And Saul cometh in unto a city of Amalek, and layeth wait in a valley;
6. and Saul saith unto the Kenite, `Go, turn aside, go down from the midst of Amalek, lest I consume thee with it, and thou didst kindness with all the sons of Israel, in their going up out of Egypt;` and the Kenite turneth aside from the midst of Amalek.
7. And Saul smiteth Amalek from Havilah -- thy going in to Shur, which [is] on the front of Egypt,
8. and he catcheth Agag king of Amalek alive, and all the people he hath devoted by the mouth of the sword;
9. and Saul hath pity -- also the people -- on Agag, and on the best of the flock, and of the herd, and of the seconds, and on the lambs, and on all that [is] good, and have not been willing to devote them; and all the work, despised and wasted -- it they devoted.
10. And the word of Jehovah is unto Samuel, saying,
11. `I have repented that I caused Saul to reign for king, for he hath turned back from after Me, and My words he hath not performed;` and it is displeasing to Samuel, and he crieth unto Jehovah all the night.
12. And Samuel riseth early to meet Saul in the morning, and it is declared to Samuel, saying, `Saul hath come in to Carmel, and lo, he is setting up to himself a monument, and goeth round, and passeth over, and goeth down to Gilgal.`
13. And Samuel cometh in unto Saul, and Saul saith to him, `Blessed [art] thou of Jehovah; I have performed the word of Jehovah.`
14. And Samuel saith, `And what [is] the noise of this flock in mine ears -- and the noise of the herd which I am hearing?`
15. And Saul saith, `From Amalek they have brought them, because the people had pity on the best of the flock, and of the herd, in order to sacrifice to Jehovah thy God, and the remnant we have devoted.`
16. And Samuel saith unto Saul, `Desist, and I declare to thee that which Jehovah hath spoken unto me to-night;` and he saith to him, `Speak.`
17. And Samuel saith, `Art not thou, if thou [art] little in thine own eyes, head of the tribes of Israel? and Jehovah doth anoint thee for king over Israel,
18. and Jehovah sendeth thee in the way, and saith, Go, and thou hast devoted the sinners, the Amalekite, and fought against them till they are consumed;
19. and why hast thou not hearkened to the voice of Jehovah -- and dost fly unto the spoil, and dost do the evil thing in the eyes of Jehovah?`
20. And Saul saith unto Samuel, `Because -- I have hearkened to the voice of Jehovah, and I go in the way which Jehovah hath sent me, and bring in Agag king of Amalek, and Amalek I have devoted;
21. and the people taketh of the spoil of the flock and herd, the first part of the devoted thing, for sacrifice to Jehovah thy God in Gilgal.`
22. And Samuel saith, `Hath Jehovah had delight in burnt-offerings and sacrifices as [in] hearkening to the voice of Jehovah? lo, hearkening than sacrifice is better; to give attention than fat of rams;
23. for a sin of divination [is] rebellion, and iniquity and teraphim [is] stubbornness; because thou hast rejected the word of Jehovah, He also doth reject thee from [being] king.`
24. And Saul saith unto Samuel, `I have sinned, for I passed over the command of Jehovah, and thy words; because I have feared the people, I also hearken to their voice;
25. and now, bear, I pray thee, with my sin, and turn back with me, and I bow myself to Jehovah.`
26. And Samuel saith unto Saul, `I do not turn back with thee; for thou hast rejected the word of Jehovah, and Jehovah doth reject thee from being king over Israel.`
27. And Samuel turneth round to go, and he layeth hold on the skirt of his upper robe -- and it is rent!
28. And Samuel saith unto him, `Jehovah hath rent the kingdom of Israel from thee to-day, and given it to thy neighbour who is better than thou;
29. and also, the Pre-eminence of Israel doth not lie nor repent, for He [is] not a man to be penitent.`
30. And he saith, `I have sinned; now, honour me, I pray thee, before the elders of my people, and before Israel, and turn back with me; and I have bowed myself to Jehovah thy God.`
31. And Samuel turneth back after Saul, and Saul boweth himself to Jehovah;
32. and Samuel saith, `Bring ye nigh unto me Agag king of Amalek,` and Agag cometh unto him daintily, and Agag saith, `Surely the bitterness of death hath turned aside.`
33. And Samuel saith, `As thy sword bereaved women -- so is thy mother bereaved above women;` and Samuel heweth Agag in pieces before Jehovah in Gilgal.
34. And Samuel goeth to Ramath, and Saul hath gone unto his house -- to Gibeah of Saul.
35. And Samuel hath not added to see Saul till the day of his death, for Samuel mourned for Saul, and Jehovah repented that He had caused Saul to reign over Israel.

Psalms 57:1-3
1. To the Overseer. -- `Destroy not.` -- A secret treasure of David, in his fleeing from the face of Saul into a cave. Favour me, O God, favour me, For in Thee is my soul trusting, And in the shadow of Thy wings I trust, Until the calamities pass over.
2. I call to God Most High, To God [who] is perfecting for me.
3. He sendeth from the heaven, and saveth me, He reproached -- who is panting after me. Selah. God sendeth forth His kindness and His truth.

Proverbs 15:24-25
24. A path of life [is] on high for the wise, To turn aside from Sheol beneath.
25. The house of the proud Jehovah pulleth down, And He setteth up the border of the widow.

Luke 23:1-25
1. And having risen, the whole multitude of them did lead him to Pilate,
2. and began to accuse him, saying, `This one we found perverting the nation, and forbidding to give tribute to Caesar, saying himself to be Christ a king.`
3. And Pilate questioned him, saying, `Thou art the king of the Jews?` and he answering him, said, `Thou dost say [it].`
4. And Pilate said unto the chief priests, and the multitude, `I find no fault in this man;`
5. and they were the more urgent, saying -- `He doth stir up the people, teaching throughout the whole of Judea -- having begun from Galilee -- unto this place.`
6. And Pilate having heard of Galilee, questioned if the man is a Galilean,
7. and having known that he is from the jurisdiction of Herod, he sent him back unto Herod, he being also in Jerusalem in those days.
8. And Herod having seen Jesus did rejoice exceedingly, for he was wishing for a long [time] to see him, because of hearing many things about him, and he was hoping some sign to see done by him,
9. and was questioning him in many words, and he answered him nothing.
10. And the chief priests and the scribes stood vehemently accusing him,
11. and Herod with his soldiers having set him at nought, and having mocked, having put around him gorgeous apparel, did send him back to Pilate,
12. and both Pilate and Herod became friends on that day with one another, for they were before at enmity between themselves.
13. And Pilate having called together the chief priests, and the rulers, and the people,
14. said unto them, `Ye brought to me this man as perverting the people, and lo, I before you having examined, found in this man no fault in those things ye bring forward against him;
15. no, nor yet Herod, for I sent you back unto him, and lo, nothing worthy of death is having been done by him;
16. having chastised, therefore, I will release him,`
17. for it was necessary for him to release to them one at every feast,
18. and they cried out -- the whole multitude -- saying, `Away with this one, and release to us Barabbas,`
19. who had been, because of a certain sedition made in the city, and murder, cast into prison.
20. Pilate again then -- wishing to release Jesus -- called to them,
21. but they were calling out, saying, `Crucify, crucify him.`
22. And he a third time said unto them, `Why, what evil did he? no cause of death did I find in him; having chastised him, then, I will release [him].`
23. And they were pressing with loud voices asking him to be crucified, and their voices, and those of the chief priests, were prevailing,
24. and Pilate gave judgment for their request being done,
25. and he released him who because of sedition and murder hath been cast into the prison, whom they were asking, and Jesus he gave up to their will.