Bible in one year

August 9

Job 9:1-35
1. Job answered, and said:
2. As for that, I know it is so of a truth, that a man compared unto God, can not be justified.
3. If he will argue with him, he shall not be able to answer him unto one among a thousand.
4. He is wise of heart, and mighty in strength. Who ever prospered that took part against him?
5. He translateth the mountains, or ever they be aware,(awarre) and overthroweth them in his wrath.
6. He removeth the earth out of her place, that her pillars shake withal.
7. He commandeth the Son, and it riseth not: he closeth up the stars, as it were under a signet.
8. He himself alone spreadeth out the heavens, and goeth upon the waves of the sea.
9. He maketh the vaines(wains) of heaven, the Orions, the seven stars and the secret places of the south.
10. He doth great things, such as are unsearchable, yea and wonders without number.
11. If he came by me, I might not look upon him: if he went his way, I should not perceive it.
12. If he be hasty to take anything away, who will make him restore it again? Who will say unto him: what doest thou?
13. He is God, whose wrath no man may withstand:(with stode) but the proudest of all must stoop(stoup) under him.
14. How should I then answer him? or what words should I find out against him?
15. Yea though I be righteous, yet will I not give him one word again, but meekly submit myself to my judge.
16. All be it that I call upon him, and he hear me, yet am I not sure, that he hath heard my voice:
17. he troubleth me so with the tempest, and woundeth me out of measure without a cause.
18. He will not let my spirit be in rest, but filleth me with bitterness.
19. If men will speak of strength, he is the strongest of all: if men will speak of righteousness, who dare be my record.
20. If I will justify my self, mine own mouth shall condemn me: if I will put forth my self for a perfect man, he shall prove me a wicked doer:
21. For that I should be an innocent, my conscience knoweth it not, yea I my self am weary of my life.
22. This one thing will I say: He destroyeth both the righteous and ungodly.
23. And though he slay suddenly with the scourge, yet laugheth he at the punishment of the innocent.
24. As for the world, he giveth it over in to the power of the wicked, such as the rivers be, whereof all lands are full. Is it not so? where is there any, but he is such one?
25. My days have been more swift than a runner: they are gone suddenly, and have seen no good thing.
26. They are passed away, as the ships that be good under sail, and as the Aegle that hasteth to the prey.
27. When I am purposed to forget my complainings, to change my countenance, and to comfort myself:
28. Then am I afraid of all my works, for I know, thou favourest not an evil doer.
29. If I be then a wicked one, why have I laboured in vain?
30. Though I washed my self with snow water, and made mine hands never so clean,
31. yet shouldest thou dip me in the mire, and mine own clothes should defile me.
32. For he that I must give answer unto, and with whom I go to law, is not a man as I am.
33. Neither is there any daysman to reprove both the parts, or to lay his hand betwixt us.
34. Let him take his rod away from me, yea let him make me no more afraid of him,
35. and then shall I answer him without any fear. For as long as I am in such fearfulness, I can make no answer: And why?

Job 10:1-22
1. it grieveth my soul to live. Nevertheless, now will I put forth my words: I will speak out of the very heaviness of my soul,
2. and will say unto God: O do not condemn me: but shew me the cause, wherefore thou judgest me on this manner.
3. Thinkest thou it well done, to oppress me, to cast me off (being a work of thine hands) and to maintain the counsel of the ungodly?
4. Hast thou fleshly eyes then, or doest thou look as a man looketh?
5. Are thy days as the days of man, and thy years as man's years?
6. That thou makest such inquisition for my wickedness, and searchest out my sin?
7. Whereas (notwithstanding) thou knowest that I am no wicked person, and that there is no man able to deliver me out of thine hand.
8. Thy hands have made me, and fashioned me altogether round about, wilt thou then destroy me suddenly?
9. O remember (I beseek thee) how that thou madest me of the mould of the earth, and shalt bring me to earth again.
10. Hast thou not milked me, as it were milk: and turned me to curdles like cheese?
11. Thou hast covered me with skin and flesh, and joined me together with bones and sinews.
12. Thou hast granted me life, and done me good: and the diligent heed that thou tookest upon me, hath preserved my spirit.
13. Though thou hidest these things in thine heart, yet am I sure, that thou rememberest them all.
14. Wherefore didst thou keep me, when I sinned, and hast not cleansed me from mine offense?
15. If I do wickedly, woe is me therefore: If I be righteous, yet dare I not lift up my head: so full am I of confusion, and see mine own misery.
16. Thou huntest me out (being in heaviness) as it were a Lion, and troublest me out of measure.
17. Thou bringest fresh witnesses against me, thy wrath increasest thou upon me, very many are the plagues that I am in.
18. Wherefore hast thou brought me out of my mother's womb? O that I had perished, and that no eye had seen me.
19. If they had carried me to my grave, as soon as I was born, then should I be now, as though I had never been.
20. Shall not my short life come so soon to an end? O hold thee from me, let me alone, that I may ease myself a little
21. afore I go thither, from whence I shall not turn again. Namely, to that land of darkness and shadow of death:
22. yea into that dark cloudy land and deadly shadow, where as is no order, but terrible fear as in the darkness.

Psalms 93:1-5
1. The LORD is king, and hath put on glorious apparel, the LORD hath put on his apparel, and girded himself with strength: he hath made the round world so sure, that it can not be moved.
2. From the time forth hath thy seat been prepared, thou art from everlasting.
3. The floods arise (O LORD) the floods lift up their noise, the floods lift up their waves.
4. The waves of the sea are mighty, and rage horribly: but yet the LORD that dwelleth on high,(hye) is mightier.
5. Thy testimonies, O LORD, are very sure, holiness becometh thine house for ever.

Proverbs 22:22-23
22. See that thou rob not the poor because he is weak, and oppress not the simple in judgement:
23. for the LORD himself will defend their cause, and do violence unto them that have used violence.

Romans 9:16-33
16. So lieth it not then in a man's will, or running,(cunning) but in the mercy of God.
17. For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh: Even for this same purpose(this cause) have I stirred thee up, to shew my power on thee, and that my name might be declared thorowout all the world.(declared in all lands)
18. So hath he mercy on whom he will. And whom he will he maketh hard hearted.(hardeneth)
19. Thou wilt say then unto me: why then blameth he us yet? For who can resist his will?
20. But O man what art thou, which disputest with God? shall the work say to the workman: why hast thou made me on this fashion?
21. Hath not the potter power over the clay, even of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?
22. Even so, God willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, suffered with long(brought forth with great) patience the vessels of wrath, ordained to damnation,
23. that he might declare the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had prepared(prepayred) unto glory:
24. that is to say, us which he called, not of the jews only, but also of the gentiles.
25. As he saith in Osee: I will call them my people which were not my people: and her beloved which was not beloved.
26. And it shall come to pass in the place where it was said unto them: Ye are not my people, that there shall be called the sons(children) of the living God.
27. But Esaias crieth for(concerning) Israel, though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, yet shall a remnant be saved.
28. He finisheth the work verily and maketh it short in righteousness. For a short word will God make on earth.
29. And as Esaias said before: Except the Lord of Sabaoth had left us seed, we had been made as Zodoma, and had been likened to Gomorra.
30. What shall we say then? we say that the gentiles which followed not righteousness, have overtaken righteousness I mean the righteousness which cometh of faith.
31. But Israel which followed the law of righteousness, could not attain unto the law of righteousness.
32. And wherefore? Because they sought it not by faith: but as it were by the works of the law.(but as it were out of the deserving of works) For they have stumbled at the stumbling stone.
33. As it is written: Behold I put in Syon a stumbling stone, and a rock which shall make men fall.(to be offended at) And none that believe on him, shall be ashamed.(and who so ever believeth on him, shall not be confounded)