Bible in one year

June 1

1 Kings 11:1-43
1. But king Salomon loved many outlandish women: the daughter of Pharao: and of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonites and Hethites,
2. even of nations of which the LORD said unto the children of Israel, see ye come not at them, nor let them come to you: for surely they will turn your hearts after their gods. Nevertheless to such Salomon clave and fell in love with them.
3. And he had seven hundredth very Queens and three hundredth concubines which turned always his heart.
4. For when Salomon was old, his wives turned his heart after other gods: so that his heart was not perfect with the LORD his God, as was the heart of David his father.
5. And Salomon followed Astaroth the God of the Zidons, and Milcom the abomination of the Ammonites.
6. And Salomon wrought wickedness in the sight of the LORD and continued not after the LORD as did David his father.
7. After that Salomon built an altar for Chamos the abomination of the Moabites in the hill that standeth before Jerusalem, and unto Moloch the abomination of the children of Ammon.
8. And likewise did he for all his outlandish wives which burnt cense and offered unto their gods.
9. Then was the LORD angry with Salomon because his heart turned from the LORD God of Israel which appeared unto him twice,
10. and gave him a charge of this thing that he should not follow other gods. But he kept not that which the LORD commanded him:
11. whereupon the LORD said to Salomon: for as much as this is done of thee, and thou hast not kept mine appointment and mine ordinances which I have commanded thee, therefore I will rend the kingdom from thee, and will give it to thy servant.
12. Notwithstanding in thy days I will not do it, because of David thy father: but I will take it from thy son.
13. How be it I will not take away all: but will give one tribe to thy son, because of David my servant and because of Jerusalem which I have chosen.
14. And the LORD stirred up an adversary unto Salomon, one Hadad an Edomite and of the king's lineage of Edom.
15. For when David was in Edom, and Joab the captain of the host was gone up to bury them that were slain: and had slain all the men children in Edom,
16. for six months did Joab remain there and all Israel, till he had destroyed all the men children in Edom.
17. And this Hadad fled and certain other Edomites of his father's servants with him, to go to Egypt, Hadad being yet a little lad.
18. And they arose out of Madian and went to Pharan, and took men with them out of Pharan and came to Egypt unto Pharao king thereof, which gave him an house, and appointed him vitailles and gave him lands.
19. And Hadad gat great favour in the sight of Pharao, so that he gave him to wife the sister of his own wife, the sister of Thahaphnes the Queen.
20. And the sister of Thahaphnes bare him Senubath his son. And Thahaphnes weaned him in Pharao's house. And he was in Pharao's house among the sons of Pharao.
21. And when Hadad heard say in Egypt that David was laid to sleep with his fathers, and that Joab the captain of the host was dead also, he said to Pharao let me depart, that I may go to mine own country.
22. Then said Pharao unto him: what lackest thou here with me, that thou wouldest go to thine own country? And he said, nothing: how be it let me go.
23. And God stirred up another adversary, one Razon the son of Eliada, which fled from Hadadezer king of Zobah his master.
24. Which Razon gathered men unto him and became captain over the company, when David slew them. And they went to Damasco and dwelt therein, and reigned in Damasco.
25. And he was an adversary to Israel all the days of Salomon, with the evil that Hadad did, which abhorred Israel and reigned in Siria.
26. And Jeroboam the son of Nabat an Ephrathite of Zaredah (whose mother was called Zeruah and was a widow and Salomon's servant) lifted up his hand against the king. And hereof came it, that he lifted up his hand against the king.
27. Salomon built Mello and mended broken places in the city of David his father.
28. And this fellow Jeroboam was an active man. And when Salomon saw the young man, that he wrought so lustily in the work, he made him ruler over all the charges of the house of Joseph.
29. And it chanced at that season as Jeroboam was gone out of Jerusalem, that the prophet Ahiah the Silonite met him by the way, having a new mantle on him, and they two alone in the field.
30. And Ahiah caught the new mantle that was on him and rent it in twelve pieces,
31. and said to Jeroboam: take thee ten pieces. For this sayeth the LORD God of Israel: behold, I will rent the kingdom out of the hands of Salomon and will give ten tribes to thee,
32. and he shall have one, for my servant David's sake and for Jerusalem the city which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel:
33. because they have forsaken me, and have bowed themselves unto Astaroth the God of the Zidons, and to Camos the God of the Moabites and to Milcom the God of the children of Ammon, and have not walked in my ways, to do that pleaseth me, and mine ordinances and customs, as David his father.
34. How be it I will take none of the kingdom out of his hand: but will make him chief all his life long, for David my servant's sake, which I chose: because he kept my commandments and ordinances.
35. But I will take the kingdom out of his son's hand and will give unto thee ten tribes of it:
36. and will give his son one, that David my servant may have a light alway before me in Jerusalem, the city which I have chosen me, to put my name there.
37. And I will take thee, and thou shalt reign upon all that thy soul desireth and shalt be king over Israel.
38. And if thou shalt hearken unto all that I command thee, and shalt walk in my ways and do that is right in my sight, that thou keep mine ordinances and commandments as David my servant did: then will I be with thee and build thee an house that shall continue, as I built for my servant David, and will give Israel unto thee.
39. And therewith will I vex the seed of David, but not for ever.
40. And Salomon sought to kill Jeroboam: wherefore Jeroboam arose and fled into Egypt unto Sesak king of Egypt and continued there until the death of Salomon.
41. And the rest of the Acts of Salomon and all that he did, and his wisdom are written in the book of the Acts of Salomon.
42. And the time that Salomon reigned in Jerusalem upon all Israel, was forty year.
43. And then he laid him to rest with his fathers, and was buried in the city of David his father, and Rehoboam his son reigned in his stead.

1 Kings 12:1-33
1. And Rehoboam went to Sichem: for all Israel were come to Sichem to make him king.
2. And when Rehoboam the son of Nabat heard of it being yet in Egypt: for he fled to Egypt for fear of Salomon, and dwelt in Egypt.
3. And they sent and called him: and so Jeroboam and all the congregation of Israel came and spake unto Rehoboam saying:
4. thy father made our yoke grievous, but now make thou the grievous service of thy father and his sore yoke which he put upon us, lighter, and so we will serve thee.
5. And he said unto them: depart yet for the space of three days, and then come again to me. And the people departed.
6. And king Rehoboam took counsel with the old men that stood before Salomon his father, while he yet lived, and said: what counsel give ye to answer this people withal?
7. And they said unto him: If thou shalt be a servant unto this people this day and serve them and answer them and speak kind words to them: they will be thy servants for ever.
8. But he left the counsel that the old men had given him, and counselled with the young men that were nourished up with him and had waited on him.
9. And he said unto them: what counsel give ye, to answer this people withal which have communed with me saying: make the yoke which thy father did put upon us, lighter?
10. And the young men that were brought up with him, answered him saying, this people that have said unto thee: thy father made our yoke heavy, make thou it us lighter: thus answer them. My little finger shall be weightier than my father's loins.
11. And now where my father put a grievous yoke upon you, I will make it heavier. For where my father corrected you with scourges, I will chastise you with scorpions.
12. And when Jeroboam: and all the people were come to Rehoboam the third day, as the king appointed them, saying, come to me again this day three days:
13. the king answered the people churlishly and left the advice that old men gave him:
14. and spake to them after the counsel of the young men saying: My father made your yoke grievous, but I will make it grievouser. For where my father chastised you with whips, I will chastise you with scorpions.
15. And so the king hearkened not unto the people: for the turning away was of the LORD, to perform his saying, which the LORD said by Ahiah the Silonite unto Jeroboam the son of Nabat.
16. And when all Israel saw that the king regarded them not, the people answered the king again saying: we have no part in David, nor inheritance in the son of Isai. To your tents therefore Israel, and now see to thine own house David. And so Israel departed unto their tents.
17. How be it over the children of Israel which dwelt in the city of Juda, did Rehoboam reign still.
18. Then king Rehoboam sent Aduram the receiver of the tribute. And all Israel stoned him to death with stones. But king Rehoboam made speed and gat him up to his chariot and fled to Jerusalem.
19. And so Israel departed from the house of David unto this day.
20. And when all Israel heard that Jeroboam was come again, they sent and called him unto the congregation and made him king over Israel: so there followed the house of David, but the tribe of Juda onely.
21. And when Rehoboam was come to Jerusalem, he gathered all the house of Juda and the tribe of Ben Jamin an hundredth and four score thousands of chosen men and good warriors, to fight against the house of Israel, and to bring the kingdom again to Rehoboam the son of Salomon.
22. Then came the word of the Lord(God) unto Semeiah the man of God saying:
23. speak unto Rehoboam the son of Salomon king of Juda, and unto all the house of Juda and Benjamin, and the remnant of the people and say.
24. Thus sayeth the LORD: go not nor yet fight against your brethren the children of Israel, but return every man to his house, for this doing is of the LORD. And they obeyed the word of the LORD and returned and departed according to the word of the LORD.
25. Then Jeroboam built Sichem in mount Ephraim, and dwelt therein. And went from thence and built Phanuel.
26. And Jeroboam thought in his heart: now might the kingdom return to the house of David again.
27. For if this people shall go up and do sacrifice in the house of the LORD at Jerusalem, then shall their hearts turn again unto their lord Rehoboam king of Juda. And so shall they kill me and go again to Rehoboam king of Juda.
28. Whereupon the king took counsel and made two calves of gold and said unto the people: ye shall not need to go any more to Jerusalem. Behold your gods(goddes) Israel which brought you out of the land of Egypt.
29. And he put the one in Bethel and the other in Dan.
30. And that doing was a cause of sin. And the people went before the one as far as Dan.
31. And he made houses of hill altars, and made of the lowest of the people priests which were not of the sons of Levi.
32. And Jeroboam made a feast the fifteenth day of the eighth month, like unto the feast that was in Juda, and offered on the altar. And so did he in Bethel, to offer unto the calves that he had made. And he put in Bethel the priests of the hillaltars, which he had made.
33. And he offered upon the altar which he had made in Bethel, the fifteenth day of the eighth month, which he had imagined of his own heart: and made a solempne feast unto the children of Israel, and went up to the altar to burn sacrifice.

Psalms 69:5-15
5. God thou knowest my simpleness, and my faults are not hid from thee.
6. Let not them that trust in thee, O Lord GOD(LORDE God) of Hosts, be ashamed for my cause: let not those that seek thee, be confounded thorow me, O God of Israel.
7. And why? for thy sake do I suffer reproof, shame covereth my face.
8. I am become a stranger unto my brethren, and an alien unto my mother's children.
9. For the zeal of thine house hath even eaten me, and the rebukes of them that rebuked thee, is fallen upon me.
10. I wept and chastened myself with fasting, and that was turned to my reproof.
11. I put on a sackcloth, and therefore they jested upon me.
12. They that sat in the gate, spake against me, and the drunkards made songs upon me.
13. But LORD I made my prayer unto thee in an acceptable time. Hear me, O God, with thy great mercy and sure help.
14. Take me out of the mire, that I sink not: Oh let me be delivered from them that hate me, and out of the deep waters.
15. Lest the water flood drown me, that the deep swallow me not up, and that the pit shut not her mouth upon me.

Proverbs 17:20-22
20. Who so hath a froward heart obtaineth no good: and he that hath an overthwart tongue, shall fall into mischief.
21. An unwise body bringeth himself in to sorrow, and the father of a fool can have no joy.
22. A merry heart maketh a lusty age, but a sorrowful mind drieth up the bones.

John 12:1-26
1. Then Jesus before six days of ester,(six days before ester) came to Bethany where Lazarus (which was dead) was, whom Jesus raised from death.
2. There they made him a supper, and Martha served: but Lazarus was one of them that sat at the table with him.
3. Then took Mary a pound of ointment called nardus, perfect and precious,(costly) and anointed Jesus' feet, and wept(wiped) his feet with her hair, and all the house smelled(was filled) of the savour of the ointment.
4. Then said one of his disciples named Judas Iscarioth, Simon's son, which afterward betrayed him:
5. why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor?
6. This said he, not that he cared for the poor: but because he was a thief, and kept the bag, and bare that which was given.
7. Then said Jesus: Let her alone, against the day of my burying she kept it.
8. The poor always(all ways) shall ye have with you, but me shall ye not always(all ways) have.
9. Much people of the jews had knowledge that he was there. And they came not for Jesus' sake only, but that they might see Lazarus also whom he raised from death.
10. The high priests therefore held a council that they might put Lazarus to death also,
11. because that for his sake many of the jews went away, and believed on Jesus.
12. On the morrow much people that were come to the feast (when they heard that Jesus should come to Jerusalem,)
13. took branches of palm trees and went and met him, and cried: Hosanna, blessed is he that in the name of the Lord cometh, King of Israel.
14. (And) Jesus got a young ass and sat thereon, according to that which was written:
15. fear not daughter of Sion: behold thy King cometh sitting on an ass's colt.
16. These things understood not his disciples at the first: but when Jesus was glorified, then remembered they that such things were written of him, and that such things they had done unto him.
17. The people that was with him, when he called Lazarus out of his grave, and raised him from death, bare record.(commended the act)
18. Therefore met him the people, because they heard that he had done such a miracle.
19. The pharisees therefore said among themselves: Ye see that(perceive ye how) we prevail nothing: lo all the(behold all the whole) world goeth away after him.
20. There were certain greeks among them, which(that) came to pray(worship) at the feast,
21. the same came to Philip which was of Bethsaida a city in Galilee, and desired(prayed) him saying: Sir we would fain see Jesus.
22. Philip came and told Andrew. And again Andrew and Philip told Jesus.
23. And Jesus answered them saying: the hour is come that the son of man must be glorified.
24. Verily, verily I say unto you, except the wheat corn fall into the ground and die, it bideth alone. If it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.
25. He that loveth his life shall destroy it: And he that hateth his life in this world, shall keep it unto life eternal.(everlasting)
26. If any man minister(serve) unto me, let him follow me and where I am there shall also my minister(servant) be. And if any man minister unto(serveth) me, him will my father honour.