Bible in one year

May 4

1 Samuel 10:1-27
1. And then Samuel took a box of oil and poured it upon his head and kissed him and said: the LORD hath anointed thee to be a captain over his inheritance.
2. And now when thou art departed from me, thou shalt meet two men by Rahel's sepulchre in the borders of Benjamin even at Zalezah. And they will say unto thee, the asses which thou wentest to seek, are found see, thy father hath left the care of the Asses and sorroweth for you saying: what shall I do for my son?
3. Then thou shalt go forth from thence and shalt come to the oak of Thabor. And there shalt thou meet three men going to God to Bethel: one carrying three kids: and another carrying three loaves of bread: and the third carrying a bottle of wine.
4. And they will salute thee and give thee two loaves of bread: which thou shalt receive of their hands.
5. After that thou shalt come to the hill of God, where the Philistines keep their watch. And when thou art come thither to the city thou shalt meet a company of prophets coming down from the hill, with a psalter, a timbrel, a pipe, and a harp before them, and they prophesying.
6. And the spirit of the LORD will come upon thee, and thou shalt prophesy with them, and shalt be turned into another man.
7. And when these signs are chanced thee, then do what thou hast to do, for God is with thee.
8. And thou shalt also go before me to Gilgal. And behold I will come unto thee to sacrifice burnt sacrifice and peace offerings. Tarry for me seven days till I come to thee and shew thee what thou shalt do.
9. And as soon as he had turned his shoulder to go from Samuel, God gave him another manner of heart, and all those tokens came to pass that same day.
10. When they came to the hill: behold the company of prophets met him, and the spirit of God came upon him, and the prophesied among them.
11. And all that knew him before, when they saw that he prophesied among the prophets, they said each to other: what is happened unto the son of Cis? Is Saul also among the prophets?
12. And one of the same place answered and said: who is their father? And thereof sprang a proverb: what is Saul also among the prophets?
13. And when he had made an end of prophesying, he came to the hill.
14. Saul's father's brother said unto him and his lad: whither went ye? And he answered: to seek the asses, and when we saw that they were nowhere, we went to Samuel.
15. Then said Saul's uncle: tell me what Samuel said unto you?
16. And Saul answered his uncle: he told us that the asses were found. But of the kingdom whereof Samuel spake told he him not.
17. After that Samuel called the people together unto the LORD to Mazphah
18. and said unto the children of Israel: thus sayeth the LORD God of Israel, I brought you out of Egypt, and delivered you out of the hand of the Egyptians, and out of the hands of all kingdoms that oppressed you.
19. And ye have this day cast away your God that holp you out of all your adversities and tribulations. And ye have said unto him, make a king over us. Now therefore stand before the LORD by your tribes and your thousands.
20. And when Samuel had brought all the tribes of Israel the tribe of Benjamin was caught.
21. When he had brought the tribe of Benjamin by their kindreds, the kindred of Metri was caught: and Saul the son of Cis was caught. And they sought him: but he could not be found.
22. Then they asked the LORD further: whither the man should come thither. And the LORD answered: behold, he hath hid himself among the stuff.
23. And they ran and fetched him thence. And when he stood among the people, he was higher than any of the people from the shoulders upward.
24. And Samuel said to all the people: there see ye whom the LORD hath chosen and how there is none like him among all the company. And all the people shouted and said: God send the king life.
25. Then Samuel told the people the duty of the kingdom, and wrote it in a book, and laid it up before the LORD, and so sent all the people away, every man to his house.
26. And Saul also went home to Gabaah. And there went with him an host, such as God hath touched their hearts.
27. But the children of unthriftiness said: how shall he save us? and despised him and brought him not presents. And he made as though he had not heard it.

1 Samuel 11:1-15
1. Then Nahas the Ammonite came and beseiged Jabes in Gilead. And all the people of Jabes said unto Nahas:
2. make a covenant with us and we will be thy servants. And Nahas the Ammonite said: hereto will I make a covenant with you, even to thrust out all your right eyes, that I may bring that shame upon all Israel.
3. Then said the elders of Jabes: give us seven days respite that we may send messengers unto all the coasts of Israel. And then if there come no man to help us, we will come out to thee.
4. Then came the messengers to Gabaah where Saul dwelt, and told this tidings in the ears of the people. And all the people lifted up their voices and wept.
5. And behold Saul came following his oxen out of the field, and asked what ailed the people to weep. And they told him the tidings of the men of Jabes.
6. Then came the spirit of God upon Saul, when he heard those tidings, and he was exceeding angry.
7. And took a yoke of oxen and hewed them in pieces, and sent them thorowout all the coasts of Israel by the hands of messengers saying: whosoever cometh not forth after Saul and after Samuel, so shall his oxen be served. Then the fear of the LORD fell upon the people, and they came out as it had been but one man.
8. And when they were numbered in Bezek the children of Israel were three hundredth thousand, and the men of Juda thirty thousand.
9. And they said unto the messengers that came, so say unto the men of Jabes in Gilead: tomorrow by that time the son be hot, ye shall have help. And the messengers came and shewed the men of Jabes, and they were glad.
10. And then the men of Jabes said: tomorrow we will come out unto you, that ye may do with us all that pleaseth you.
11. And on the morrow Saul put the people in three parts. And they came in upon the host in the morning watch, and slew the Ammonites, until the heat of the day. And they that remained, scattered: so that two of them were not left together.
12. Then said the people to Samuel: what are they that said: shall Saul reign over us? bring them that we may slay them.
13. But Saul said: there shall no man die this day, for today the LORD hath saved Israel.
14. Then said Samuel unto the people: come and let us go to Gilgal, and renew the kingdom there.
15. And the people went to Gilgal and made Saul king there, before the LORD in Gilgal. And there they offered peace offerings before the LORD. And there Saul and all the people rejoiced exceedingly.

Psalms 55:16-23
16. As for me, I will call unto God, and the LORD shall help me.
17. In the evening, morning and at noon day will I mourn and complain: and he shall hear my voice.
18. It is he that delivereth my soul in peace, from them that lay wait for me: for they are many against me.
19. Yea even God that endureth forever, shall hear me, and bring them down, Selah. For they will not turn: and why? they fear not God.
20. Yea they lay hands upon such as be at peace with him, and so they break his covenant.
21. Their mouths are softer than butter, and yet have they battle in their mind: their words are smoother than oil, and yet be they very swords.
22. O cast thy burthen, or care, upon the LORD, he shall nourish thee, and not leave the righteous in unquietness.
23. But as for them, thou (O God) shalt cast (them) down into the pit of destruction. The bloodthirsty and deceitful shall not live out half their days. Nevertheless my trust is in thee.

Proverbs 15:18-20
18. An angry man stirreth up strife, but he that is patient stilleth discord.
19. The way of the slothful is full of thorns, but the street of the righteous is well cleansed.
20. A wise son maketh a glad father, but an undiscreet body shameth his mother.

Luke 22:24-46
24. And there was a strife among them, which of them should seem(be taken for the) greatest.
25. And he said unto them: The kings of the gentiles reign over them;(kings of the world have dominion over the people) And they that bear rule over them, are called gracious lords.
26. But ye shall not be so. But he that is greatest among you, shall be as the youngest: And he that is chief, shall be as the minister.(and the chiefest, as a servant)
27. For whether is greater, he that sitteth at meat:(the table) or he that serveth? Is not he that sitteth at meat?(the table) And I am among you, as he that ministereth.
28. Ye are they which have bidden with me in my temptations.
29. And I appoint unto you a kingdom, as my father hath appointed to me:
30. that ye may eat, and drink at my table in my kingdom and sit on seats, and judge the twelve tribes of Israel.
31. And the Lord said: Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath desired you, to sift you, as it were wheat:
32. But I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not. And when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.
33. And he said unto him. Lord, I am ready to go with thee into prison, and to death.
34. And he said: I tell thee Peter, the cock shall not crow this day, till thou have thrice denied that thou knewest me.
35. And he said unto them: when I sent you without wallet, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye anything? And they said, nothing.(no.)
36. And he said to them: But now he that hath a wallet let him take it, (up) and likewise his scrip. And he that hath no sword, let him sell his coat and buy one.
37. (For) I say unto you that yet, that which is written must be performed in(fulfilled on) me (Even with the wicked was he numbered) for those things which are written of me have an end.
38. And they said: Lord, behold here are two swords. And he said unto them: it is enough.
39. And he came out, and went as he was wont to mount Olivete. And the disciples followed him.
40. And when he came to the place, he said to them: Pray lest ye fall into temptation.
41. And he gat himself from them, about a stone's cast, and kneeled down, and prayed,
42. saying: Father if thou wilt, withdraw this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will; But thine be fulfilled.
43. And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, comforting him.
44. And he was in agony, and prayed somewhat longer.(And it came so, that he wrestled with death and prayed the longer) And his sweat was like drops of blood, trickling(running) down to the ground.
45. And he rose up from prayer, and came to his disciples, and found them sleeping for sorrow,(heaviness)
46. and said unto them: Why sleep ye? Rise, and pray lest ye fall into temptation.(rise up and pray, that ye fall not into temptation)