Bible in one year

February 26

Leviticus 21:1-24
1. And the LORD said unto Moses: speak unto the priests the sons of Aaron and say unto them: A priest shall defile himself at the death of none of his people,
2. but upon his kin that is nigh unto him: as his mother, father, son, daughter and brother:
3. and on his sister as long as she is a maid and dwelleth nigh him and was never given to man: on her he may defile himself.
4. But he shall not make himself unclean upon a ruler of his people to pollute himself withal.
5. They shall make them no baldness upon their heads or shave off the locks of their beards, nor make any marks in their flesh.
6. They shall be holy unto their God, and not pollute the name of their God, for the sacrifices of the LORD and the bread of their God they do offer: therefore they must be holy.
7. They shall take no wife that is an whore, or polluted, or put from her husband: for a priest is holy unto his God.
8. Sanctify him therefore, for he offereth up the bread of God: he shall therefore be holy unto thee, for I the LORD which sanctify you, am holy.
9. If a priest's daughter fall to play the whore, she polluteth her father: therefore she shall be burnt with fire.
10. He that is the high priest among his brethren upon whose head the anointing oil was poured and whose hand was filled to put on the vestments, shall not uncover his head nor rent his clothes,
11. neither shall go to any dead body nor make himself unclean: no not on his father or mother,
12. neither shall go out of the sanctuary, that he pollute not the holy place of his God, for the crown of the anointing oil of God, is upon him. I am the LORD.
13. He shall take a maiden unto his wife:
14. but no widow nor divorced nor polluted whore. But he shall take a maiden of his own people to wife,
15. that he defile not his seed upon his people. For I am the LORD which sanctify him.
16. And the LORD spake unto Moses saying,
17. speak unto Aaron and say: No man of thy seed in their generations that hath any deformity upon him, shall prease for to offer the bread of his God:
18. For none that hath any blemish shall come near: whether he be blind, lame, snoutnosed, or that hath any monstrous member,
19. or broken footed, or broken handed,
20. or crook backed, or perleyed, or goggle eyed, or mangy or skald, or hath his stones broken.
21. No man that is deformed of the seed of Aaron the priest, shall come nigh to offer the sacrifices of the LORD. If he have a deformity, he shall not prese to offer the bread of his God.
22. Notwithstanding he shall eat of the bread of his God: even as well of the most holy, as of the holy:
23. but shall not go in unto the vail nor come nigh the altar, because he is deformed, that he pollute not my sanctuary, for I am the LORD that sanctify them.
24. And Moses told it unto Aaron and to his sons, and unto all the children of Israel.

Leviticus 22:1-33
1. And the LORD communed with Moses saying:
2. bid Aaron and his sons that they abstain from the hallowed things of the children of Israel which they have hallowed unto me, that they pollute not mine holy name: for I am the LORD.
3. Say unto them: whosoever he be of all your seed among your generation after you, that goeth unto the hallowed things which the children of Israel shall have hallowed unto the LORD, his uncleanness shall be upon him: and that soul shall perish from out of my sight. I am the LORD.
4. None of the seed of Aaron that is a leper or that hath a running sore, shall eat of the hallowed things until he be clean. And whosoever twitcheth any unclean soul or man whose seed runneth from him by night,
5. or whosoever twicheth any worm that is unclean to him, or man that is unclean to him, whatsoever uncleanness he hath:
6. the same soul that hath twiched any such thing, shall be unclean until even, and shall not eat of the hallowed things until he have washed his flesh with water.
7. And then when the son is down he shall be clean and shall afterward eat of the hallowed things: for they are his food.
8. Of a beast that dieth alone or is rent with wild beasts, he shall not eat, to defile himself therewith: I am the LORD.
9. But let them keep therefore mine ordinance, lest they lade sin upon them and die therein when they have defiled them selves: for I am the LORD which sanctify them.
10. There shall no stranger eat of the hallowed things, neither a guest of the priests, or an hired servant.
11. But if the priest buy any fowl with money he may eat of it, and he also that is born in his house may eat of his bread.
12. If the priest's daughter be married unto a stranger, she may not eat of the hallowed heave offerings.
13. Notwithstanding if the priest's daughter be a widow or divorced and have no child but is returned unto her father's house again, she shall eat of her father's bread as well as she did in her youth. But there shall no stranger eat thereof.
14. If a man eat of the hallowed things unwittingly, he shall put the fifth part thereunto, and make good unto the priest the hallowed thing.
15. And let the priests see, that they defile not the hallowed things of the children of Israel which they have offered unto the LORD,
16. lest they lade them selves with misdoing and trespass in eating their hallowed things, for I am the LORD which hallow them.
17. And the LORD spake unto Moses saying:
18. speak unto Aaron and his sons and unto all the children of Israel and say unto them, whatsoever he be of the house of Israel or stranger in Israel that will offer his offering: whatsoever vow or freewill offering it be which they will offer unto the LORD for a burntoffering to reconcile them selves,
19. it must be a male without blemish of the oxen, sheep or goats,
20. let them offer nothing that is deformed for they shall get no favour therewith.
21. If a man will offer a peaceoffering unto the LORD and separate a vow or a freewill offering of the oxen or the flock, it must be without deformity, that it may be accepted. There may be no blemish therein:
22. whether it be blind, broken, wounded or have a wen, or be mangy or scabbed; see that ye offer no such unto the LORD, nor put an offering of any such upon the altar unto the LORD.
23. An ox or a sheep that hath any member out of proportion, mayst thou offer for a freewill offering: but in a vow it shall not be accepted.
24. Thou shalt not offer unto the LORD that which hath his stones bruised, broken, plucked out or cut away, neither shalt make any such in your land,
25. neither of a stranger's hand shall ye offer an offering to your God of any such. For they mar all in that they have deformities in them, and therefore can not be accepted for you.
26. And the LORD spake unto Moses saying:
27. when an ox, a sheep or a goat is brought forth, it shall be seven days under the dam. And from the eighth day forth, it shall be accepted unto a gift in the sacrifice of the LORD.
28. And whether it be ox or sheep, ye shall not kill it, and her young: both in one day.
29. When ye will offer a thankoffering unto the LORD, ye shall so offer it that ye may be accepted.
30. And the same day it must be eaten up, so that ye leave none of it until the morrow. For I am the LORD,
31. keep now my commandments and do them, for I am the LORD.
32. And pollute not my holy name, that I may be hallowed among the children of Israel. For I am the LORD which hallow you,
33. and brought you out of the land of Egypt, to be your God: for I am the LORD.

Psalms 27:11-14
11. Shew me thy way, O LORD, and lead me in the right path, because of mine enemies.
12. Deliver me not into the wiles of mine adversaries, for there are false witnesses risen up against me, and they imagine mischief.
13. Nevertheless I believe verily to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.
14. O tarry thou the LORD's leisure, be strong, let thine heart be of good comfort, and wait thou still for the LORD.

Proverbs 10:13-16
13. In the lips of him that hath understanding a man shall find wisdom, but the rod belongeth to the back of the foolish.
14. Wise men lay up knowledge, but the mouth of the foolish is nigh destruction.
15. The rich man's goods are his stronghold, but poverty oppresseth the poor.
16. The righteous laboureth to do good, but the ungodly useth his increase unto sin.

Mark 5:21-43
21. And when Jesus was come over(Iesus passed over) again in the(by) ship unto the other side, much people gathered unto him, and he was nigh unto the sea.
22. And behold, there came unto him one of the rulers of the Synagogue, whose name was Jairus: and when he saw him, he fell down at his feet,
23. and besought him greatly saying: my daughter lieth at point of death, I would thou wouldst come and lay thy hand on her, that she might be safe and live.
24. And he went with him, and much people followed him, and thronged him.
25. And there was a (certain) woman, which was diseased of an issue of blood twelve year,
26. and had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and felt none amendment at all:(was not helped) But waxed worse and worse.
27. When she had heard of Jesus: she came into the press behind him, and touched his garment.
28. For she said:(thought:) If I may but touch his clothing, I shall be whole.
29. And straight way her fountain of blood was dried up, and she felt in her body, that she was healed of the plague.
30. And Jesus immediately felt in himself, the virtue that went out of him, and turned him round about in the press, and said: Who touched my clothes?
31. And his disciples said unto him: thou seest the people thrusting thee on every side, and yet sayest:(askest:) who did touch me?
32. And he looked round about, for to see her that had done that thing.
33. The woman feared and trembled, for she knew what was done within her. And she came and fell down before him and told him the truth of everything.
34. And he said unto her: Daughter, thy faith hath saved(made) thee, (whole) go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.
35. While he yet spake, there came from the ruler of the synagogue's house, certain which said: thy daughter is dead: why diseasest thou the Master any further?
36. As soon as Jesus heard that word spoken, he said unto the ruler of the Synagogue: Be not afraid, only believe.
37. And he suffered no man to follow him more than Peter, and James and John James brother.(the brother of James)
38. And he came unto the house of the ruler of the Synagogue, and saw the wondering(business) and them that wept and wailed greatly;
39. And he went in and said unto them: Why make ye this ado and weep? The maiden is not dead, but sleepeth.
40. And they laughed him to scorn. Then he put them all out, and took the father and the mother of the maiden, and them that were with him, and entered in where the maiden lay;
41. And took the maiden by the hand, and said unto her: Tabitha, cumi: which is by interpretation: maiden I say unto thee, arise.
42. And straight the maiden arose, and went on her feet. For she was of the age of twelve year. And they were astonied at it out of measure.
43. And he charged them straitly that no man should know of it. And commanded to give her meat.