Bible in one year

October 14

Jeremiah 13:1-27
1. Moreover, thus said the LORD unto me: go thy way, and get thee a linen breech, and gird it about thy loins, and let it not be wet.
2. Then I got me a breech, according to the commandment of the LORD, and put it about my loins.
3. After this, the LORD spake unto me again:
4. Take the breech that thou hast prepared and put it about thee, and get thee up, and go unto Euphrates, and hide it in a hole of the rock.
5. So went I, and hid it, as the LORD commanded me.
6. And it happened long after this, that the LORD spake unto me: Up, and get thee to Euphrates, and fet the breech from thence, which I commanded thee to hide there.
7. Then went I to Euphrates, and digged up, and took the breech from the place where I had hid it: and, behold, the breech was corrupt, so that it was profitable for nothing.
8. Then said the LORD unto me:
9. Thus sayeth the LORD: Even so will I corrupt the pride of Judah, and the high mind of Jerusalem.
10. This people is a wicked people, they will not hear my word, they follow the wicked imaginations of their own heart, and hang upon strange gods, them have they served and worshiped: and therefore they shall be as this breech, that serveth for nothing.
11. For as straightly as a breech lieth upon a man's loins, so straightly did I bind the whole house of Israel, and the whole house of Juda unto me, sayeth the LORD: that they might be my people: that they might have a glorious name: that they might be in honour: but they would not obey me.
12. Therefore lay this riddle before them, and say: Thus sayeth the LORD God of Israel: Every pot shall be filled with wine. And they shall say: thinkest thou we know not, that every pot shall be filled with wine?
13. Then shalt thou say unto them: Thus sayeth the LORD: Behold, I shall fill all the inhabiters of this land with drunkenness, the kings that sit upon David's stool, the Priests and Prophets, with all that dwell at Jerusalem.
14. And I will shoot(shute) them one against another, yea the fathers against the sons, sayeth the LORD. I will not pardon them, I will not spare them, nor have pity upon them: but destroy them.
15. Be obedient, give ear, take no disdain at it, for it is the LORD himself that speaketh.
16. Honour the LORD your God herein, or he take his light from you, and or ever your feet stumble in darkness at the hill: lest when ye look for the light, he turn it into the shadow and darkness of death.
17. But if ye will not hear me, that give you secret warning, I will mourn from my whole heart for your stubbornness. Piteously will I weep, and the tears shall gush out of mine eyes. For the LORD's flock shall be carried away captive.
18. Tell the king and the rulers: Humble yourselves, set you down low, for the crown of your glory shall fall from your head.
19. The cities toward the south shall be shut up, and no man shall open them. All Juda shall be carried away captive, so that none shall remain.
20. Lift up your eyes, and behold them, that come from the North: Like a fat flock shall they fall upon thee.
21. To whom will thou make thy moan, when they come upon thee? for thou hast taught them thy self, and made them masters over thee. Shall not sorrow come upon thee, as on a woman travailing with child?
22. And if thou wouldest say then in thine heart: Wherefore come these things upon me? Even for the multitude of thy blasphemies, shall thy hinder parts and thy feet be discovered.
23. For like as the man of Inde may change his skin, and the cat of the mountains her spots: so may ye that be exercised in evil, do good.
24. Therefore will I scatter you, like as the stubble that is taken away with the south wind.
25. This shall be your portion, and the portion of your measure, where with ye shall be rewarded of me, sayeth the LORD: because ye have forgotten me, and put your trust in deceitful things.
26. Therefore shall I turn thy clothes over thy head, and discover thy thighs, that thy privates(privities) may be seen,
27. thy advoutry, thy deadly malice, thy beastliness, and thy shameful whoredom. For upon the fields and hills I have seen thy abominations. Woe be unto thee (O Jerusalem) when wilt thou ever be cleansed any more?

Jeremiah 14:1-22
1. The word of the LORD shewed unto Jeremy, concerning the dearth of the fruits.
2. Judah shall mourn, men shall not go much more throw his gates: the land shall be no more had in reputation, and the cry of Jerusalem shall break out.
3. The lords shall send their servants to fetch water, and when they come to the wells, they shall find no water, but shall carry their vessels home empty. They shall be ashamed and confounded, and shall cover their heads.
4. For the ground shall be dried up, because there cometh no rain upon it. The plowmen also shall be ashamed, and shall cover their heads.
5. The Hind shall forsake the young fawn, that he bringeth forth in the field because there shall be no grass.
6. The wild Asses shall stand in the Moss, and draw in their wind like the Dragons, their eyes shall fail for want of grass.
7. Doubtless our own wickedness reward us: But LORD do thou according to thy name, though our transgressions and sins be many.
8. For thou art the comfort and help of Israel in the time of trouble. Why wilt thou be as a stranger in the Land, and as one that goeth over the field, and cometh in only to remain for a night?
9. Why wilt thou make thyself a coward, and as it were a giant that yet may not help? For thou art ours (O LORD) and we bear thy name, therefore forsake us not.
10. Then spake the LORD, concerning this people that have pleasure to go so nimbly with their feet, and leave not off, and therefore displease the LORD: in so much, that he will now bring again to remembrance all their misdeeds, and punish all their sins.
11. Yea even thus said the LORD unto me: Thou shalt not pray to do this people good.
12. For though they fast, I will not hear their prayers. And though they offer burnt offerings and sacrifices, yet will not I accept them. For I will destroy them with the sword, hunger, and pestilence.
13. Then answered I: O Lord GOD,(LORDE God) the prophets say unto them: Tush, ye shall see no sword, and no hunger shall come upon you, but the Lord(LORDE) shall give you continual rest in this place.
14. And the LORD said unto me: The prophets preach lies unto them in my name. I have not spoken with them, neither gave I them any charge, neither did I send them: yet they preach unto you false visions, charming vanity, and deceitfulness of their own heart.
15. Therefore thus sayeth the LORD: As for those prophets that preach in my name, (whom I nevertheless have not sent) and that say: Tush, there shall neither battle, nor hunger be in this land: With sword and with hunger shall those prophets perish,
16. and the people to whom they have preached shall be cast out of Jerusalem, die of hunger, and be slain with the sword (and there shall be no man to bury them) both they and their wives, their sons and their daughters. For thus will I pour their wickedness upon them.
17. This shalt thou say also unto them: Mine eyes shall weep without ceasing day and night. For my people shall be destroyed with great harm, and shall perish with a great plague.
18. For if I go into the field, lo, it lieth all full of slain men: If I come into the city, lo, they be all famished of hunger. Yea their prophets also and priests shall be lead in to an unknown land.
19. Hast thou then utterly forsaken Juda? (said I) Doest thou so abhor Sion? Or hast thou so plagued us, that we can be healed no more? We looked for peace, and there cometh no good: for the time of health, and lo, here is nothing but trouble.
20. We knowledge (O LORD) all our misdeeds, and the sins of our fathers, that we have offended thee.
21. Be not displeased, O LORD, for thy name's sake, forget not thy loving-kindness: Remember the throne of thine honour, break not the covenant, that thou hast made with us.
22. Are there any among the gods of the Gentiles, that send rain or give the showers of heaven? Dost not thou it O LORD our God, in whom we trust? Yea LORD, thou dost all these things.

Psalms 118:15-20
15. The voice of joy and mirth is in the dwellings of the righteous, for the right hand of the LORD hath gotten the victory.
16. The right hand of the LORD hath the preeminence, the right hand of the LORD hath gotten the victory.
17. I will not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.
18. The LORD hath chastened and correct me, but he hath not given me over unto death.
19. Open me the gates of righteousness, that I may go in there thorow, and give thanks unto the LORD.
20. This is the door of the LORD, the righteous shall enter in thorow it.

Proverbs 27:9-9
9. The heart is glad of a sweet ointment and savour, but a stomach that can give good counsel, rejoiceth a man's neighbour.

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
1. Paul Silvanus and Timotheus. Unto the congregation of the Thessalonians, in God the father, and in the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be with you, and peace from God our father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.
2. We give God thanks alway(all way) for you all, making mention of you in our prayers
3. without ceasing, and call to remembrance your work in the faith, and labour in love and perseverance(and your patience) in the hope of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God our father:
4. because we know brethren beloved of God, how that ye are elect.
5. For our gospel(gospell) came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and also in the holy ghost and in much certainty, as ye know that(after what manner) we behaved ourselves among you, for your sakes.
6. And ye counterfeited(became followers of) us, and of the Lord: and received the word in much affliction, with joy of the holy ghost:
7. so that ye were an example to all that believe in Macedonia, and Achaia.
8. For from you sounded(noised) out the word of the Lord, not in Macedonia and in Achaia only: but your faith also which ye have unto God, spread herself abroad in all quarters, so greatly that it needeth not us to speak anything at all:
9. for they themselves shew of you what manner of entering in we had unto you, and how ye turned to God from images for to serve the living and true God,
10. and for to look for his son from heaven, whom he raised from death: I mean Jesus which delivereth us from wrath to come.