Bible in one year

January 30

Exodus 9:1-35
1. And the LORD said unto Moses: go unto Pharao and tell him, thus sayeth the LORD God of the Hebrews: send out my people that they may serve me.
2. If thou wilt not let them go but wilt hold them still:
3. behold, the hand of the LORD shall be upon thy cattle which thou hast in the field, upon horses, asses, camels, oxen, and sheep, with a mighty great murrain.
4. But the LORD shall make a division between the beasts of the Israelites, and the beasts of the Egyptians: so that there shall nothing die of all that pertaineth to the children of Israel.
5. And the LORD appointed a time saying: tomorrow the LORD shall do this thing in the land.
6. And the LORD did the thing on the morrow, and all the cattle of Egypt died: but of the cattle of the children of Israel died not one.
7. And Pharao sent to wete: but there was not one of the cattle of the Israelites dead. Notwithstanding the heart of Pharao hardened, and he would not let the people go.
8. And the LORD said unto Moses and Aaron: take your hands full of ashes out of the furnace, and let Moses sprinkle it up into the air in the sight of Pharao,
9. and it shall turn to dust in all the land of Egypt, and shall make swelling sores with blains both on man and beast in all the land of Egypt.
10. And they took ashes out of the furnace, and stood before Pharao, and Moses sprinkled it up into the air: And there brake out sores with blains both in man and beast:
11. so that the sorcerers could not stand before Moses, by the reason of botches on the enchanters and upon all the Egyptians.
12. But the LORD hardened the heart of Pharao, that he hearkened not unto them, as the LORD had said unto Moses.
13. And the LORD said unto Moses: rise up early in the morning and stand before Pharao and tell him, thus sayeth the LORD God of the Hebrews: Let my people go, that they may serve me,
14. or else I will at this time send all my plagues upon thine heart and upon thy servants and on thy people, that you mayst know that there is none like me in all the earth.
15. For now I will stretch out my hand and will smite thee and thy people with pestilence: so that thou shalt perish from the earth.
16. Yet in very deed for this cause have I stirred thee up, for to shew my power in thee, and to declare my name thorowout all the world.
17. If it be so that thou stoppest my people, that thou wilt not let them go:
18. behold, tomorrow this time, I will send down a mighty great hail: even such one as was not in Egypt since it was grounded unto this time.
19. Send therefore and fetch home thy beasts and all that thou hast in the field. For upon all the men and beasts which are found in the field and not brought home, shall the hail fall, and they shall die.
20. And as many as feared the word of the LORD among the servants of Pharao made their servants and their beasts flee to house:
21. and they that regarded not the word of the LORD, left their servants and their beasts in the field.
22. And the LORD said unto Moses: stretch forth thine hand unto heaven, that there may be hail in all the land of Egypt: upon man and beast, and upon all the herbs of the field in the field of Egypt.
23. And Moses stretched out his rod unto heaven, and the LORD thundered and hailed, so that the fire ran along upon the ground. And the LORD so hailed in the land of Egypt,
24. that there was hail and fire mingled with the hail, so grievous, that there was none such in all the land of Egypt, since people inhabited it.
25. And the hail smote in the land of Egypt all that was in the field both man and beast. And the hail smote all the herbs of the field and broke all the trees of the field:
26. only in the land of Gosan where the children of Israel were, was there no hail.
27. And Pharao sent and called for Moses and Aaron, and said unto them: I have now sinned, the LORD is righteous and I and my people are wicked.
28. Pray ye unto the LORD, that the thunder of God and hail may cease, and I will let you go, and ye shall tarry no longer.
29. And Moses said unto him: as soon as I am out of the city, I will spread abroad my hands unto the LORD, and the thunder shall cease, neither shall there be any more hail: that thou mayst know, how that the earth is the LORD's.
30. But I know that thou and thy servants yet fear not the LORD God.
31. The flax and the barley were smitten, for the barley was shot up and the flax was bolled:
32. but the wheat and the rye were not smitten, for they were late sown.
33. And Moses went out of the city from Pharao and spread abroad his hands unto the LORD, and the thunder and hail ceased, neither rained it any more upon the earth.
34. When Pharao saw that the rain and the hail and thunder were ceased, he sinned again and hardened his heart: both he and his servants.
35. So was the heart of Pharao hardened, that he would not let the children of Israel go, as the LORD had said by Moses.

Exodus 10:1-29
1. The LORD said unto Moses: go unto Pharao, nevertheless I have hardened his heart and the hearts of his servants, that I might shew these my signs amongst them,
2. and that thou tell in the audience of thy son and of thy son's son, the pageants which I have played in Egypt, and the miracles which I have done among them: that ye may know how that I am the LORD.
3. Then Moses and Aaron went in unto Pharao, and said unto him: Thus sayeth the LORD God of the Hebrews: how long shall it be, or thou wilt submit thyself unto me? Let my people go that they may serve me.
4. If thou wilt not let my people go: behold, tomorrow will I bring grasshoppers into thy land,
5. and they shall cover the face of the earth that it can not be seen, and they shall eat the residue which remaineth unto you and escaped the hail, and they shall eat all your green trees upon the field,
6. and they shall fill thy houses and all thy servants' houses, and the houses of all the Egyptians after such a manner: as neither thy fathers nor thy fathers fathers have seen, since the time they were upon the earth unto this day. And he turned himself about, and went out from Pharao.
7. And Pharao's servants said unto him: How long shall this fellow thus plague us?(How long shall we be thus evilly entreated?) Let the men go that they may serve the LORD their God, or else wilt thou see Egypt first destroyed?
8. And then Moses and Aaron were brought again unto Pharao, and he said unto them: Go and serve the LORD your God but who are they that shall go?
9. And Moses answered: we must go with young and old: yea and with our sons and with our daughters, and with our sheep and oxen must we go. For we must hold a feast unto the LORD.
10. And he said unto them: shall it be so? The LORD be with you, should I let you go, and your children also? Take heed, for ye have some mischief in hand.
11. Nay not so: but go ye that are men and serve the LORD, for that was your desire. And they thrust them out of Pharao's presence.
12. And the LORD said unto Moses: Stretch out thine hand over the land of Egypt for grasshoppers, that they come upon the land of Egypt and eat all the herbs of the land, and all that the hail left untouched.
13. And Moses stretched forth his rod over the land of Egypt, and the LORD brought an east wind upon the land, all that day and all night. And in the morning the east wind brought the grasshoppers,
14. and the grasshoppers went up over all the land of Egypt and lighted in all quarters of Egypt very grievously: so that before them were there no such grasshoppers, neither after them shall be.
15. And they covered all the face of the earth, so that the land was dark therewith. And they ate all the herbs of the land and all the fruits of the trees which the hail had left: so that there was no green thing left in the trees and herbs of the field thorow all the land of Egypt.
16. Then Pharao called for Moses and Aaron in haste and said: I have sinned against the LORD your God and against you.
17. Forgive me yet my sin only this once, and pray unto the LORD your God that he may take away from me this death only.
18. And he went out from Pharao and prayed unto the LORD,
19. and the LORD turned the wind into a mighty strong west wind, and it took away the grasshoppers and cast them into the reed sea: so that there was not one grasshopper left in all the coasts of Egypt.
20. But the LORD hardened Pharao's heart, so that he would not let the children of Israel go.
21. And the LORD said unto Moses: Stretch out thy hand unto heaven, and let there be darkness upon the land of Egypt: even that they may feel the darkness.
22. And Moses stretched forth his hand unto heaven, and there was a dark mist(thick darkness) upon all the land of Egypt three days long,
23. so that no man saw another, neither rose up from the place where he was by the space of three days, but all the children of Israel had light where they dwelled.
24. Then Pharao called for Moses and said: go and serve the LORD, only let your sheep, and your oxen abide, but let your children go with you.
25. And Moses answered: thou must give us also offerings and burnt offerings for to sacrifice unto the LORD our God.
26. Our cattle therefore shall go with us, and there shall not one hoof be left behind, for thereof must we take to serve the LORD our God. Moreover we can not know wherewith we shall serve the LORD, until we come thither.
27. But the LORD hardened Pharao's heart, so that he would not let them go.
28. And Pharao said unto him: get thee from me and take heed to thyself that thou see my face no more. For whensoever thou comest in my sight, thou shalt die.
29. And Moses said: Let it be as thou hast said: I will see thy face no more.

Psalms 17:8-15
8. Keep me as the apple of an eye, defend me under the shadow of thy wings.
9. From the ungodly that trouble me, from my enemies which compass my soul round about.
10. Which maintain their own wealthiness with oppression, and their mouth speaketh proud things.
11. They lie waiting in our way on every side, turning their eyes down to the ground.
12. Like as a lion that is greedy of his prey, and as it were a lion's whelp lurking in his den.
13. Up LORD, disappoint(dispoynte) him and cast him down: deliver my soul with thy sword from the ungodly.
14. From the men of thy hand (O LORD) from the men of the world, which have their portion in this life: whose bellies thou fillest with thy treasure.
15. They have children at their desire, and leave the rest of their substance for their babes. But as for me, I will behold thy presence in righteousness: and when thy glory appeareth, I shall be satisfied.

Proverbs 5:21-23
21. For every man's ways are open in the sight of the LORD, and he pondereth all their goings.
22. The wickedness of the ungodly shall catch himself, and with the snares of his own sins shall he be trapped.
23. Because he would not be reformed, he shall die: and for his great foolishness he shall be destroyed.

Matthew 20:1-16
1. For the kingdom of heaven is like unto an householder which went out early in the morning to hire laborers into his vineyard.
2. And he agreed with the laborers for a penny a day, and sent them in to his vineyard.
3. And he went out about the third hour, and saw other standing idle in the market place,
4. and said unto them: go ye also into my vineyard, and whatsoever is right, I will give you: and they went their way.
5. Again he went out about the sixth and ninth hour, and did likewise.
6. And he went out about the eleventh hour and found other standing idle, and said unto them: Why stand ye here all the day idle?
7. They said unto him: Because no man hath hired us. He said to them: go ye also into my vineyard, and whatsoever shall be(is) right, that shall ye receive.
8. When even was come, the lord of the vineyard, said unto his steward: call the laborers, and give them their hire, beginning at the last, till thou come to the first.
9. And they which were hired about the eleventh hour, came and received every man a penny.
10. Then came the first, supposing that they should receive more, and they like wise received every man a penny.
11. And when they had received it, they grudged(murmured) against the good man of the house, saying:
12. These last have wrought but one hour, and thou hast made them equal unto us which have borne the burden and heat of the day.
13. He answered to one of them, saying: Friend I do thee no wrong: didst thou not agree with me for a penny?
14. Take that which is thy duty, and go thy way. I will give unto this last, as much as to thee.
15. Is it not lawful for me to do as me listeth, with mine own? Is thine eye evil because I am good?
16. So the last shall be first, and the first shall be last. For many are called, and few be chosen.