Bible in one year

January 23

Genesis 45:1-28
1. Joseph couldn't control himself anymore in front of all of his attendants. He cried out, "Have everyone leave me!" So there wasn't anyone with Joseph when he told his brothers who he was.
2. He sobbed so loudly that the Egyptians heard him. Everyone in Pharaoh's house heard about it.
3. Joseph said to his brothers, "I am Joseph! Is my father still alive?" But his brothers weren't able to answer him. They were too afraid of him.
4. Joseph said to his brothers, "Come close to me." So they did. Then he said, "I am your brother Joseph. I'm the one you sold into Egypt.
5. But don't be upset. And don't be angry with yourselves because you sold me here. God sent me ahead of you to save many lives.
6. "For two years now, there hasn't been enough food in the land. And for the next five years, people won't be plowing or gathering crops.
7. But God sent me ahead of you to keep some of you alive on earth. He sent me here to save your lives by an act of mighty power.
8. "So then, it wasn't you who sent me here. It was God. He made me like a father to Pharaoh. He made me master of Pharaoh's whole house. He made me ruler of the whole land of Egypt.
9. "Now hurry back to my father. Say to him, 'Your son Joseph says, "God has made me master of the whole land of Egypt. Come down to me. Don't waste any time.
10. You will live in the area of Goshen. You, your children and grandchildren, your flocks and herds, and everything you have will be near me.
11. There I will provide everything you need. " ' "Five years without enough food are still coming. If you don't come down here, you and your family and everyone who belongs to you will lose everything." '
12. "Brothers, you can see for yourselves that it's really I, Joseph, speaking to you. My brother Benjamin can see it too.
13. "Tell my father about all of the honor that has been given to me in Egypt. Tell him about everything you have seen. And bring my father down here quickly."
14. Then Joseph threw his arms around his brother Benjamin and sobbed. Benjamin also hugged him and sobbed.
15. Joseph kissed all of his brothers and sobbed over them. After that, his brothers talked with him.
16. The news reached Pharaoh's palace that Joseph's brothers had come. Pharaoh and all of his officials were pleased.
17. Pharaoh said to Joseph, "Here's what I want you to tell your brothers. Say to them, 'Load your animals. Return to the land of Canaan.
18. Bring your father and your families back to me. I'll give you the best land in Egypt. You can enjoy all of the good things in the land.'
19. "And here's something else I want you to tell them. Say to them, 'Take some carts from Egypt. Your children and your wives can use them. Get your father and come back.
20. Don't worry about the things you have back there. The best of everything in Egypt will belong to you.' "
21. So the sons of Israel did it. Joseph gave them carts, as Pharaoh had commanded. He also gave them supplies for their journey.
22. He gave new clothes to each of them. But he gave more than seven pounds of silver to Benjamin. He also gave him five sets of clothes.
23. He sent his father ten donkeys loaded with the best things from Egypt. He also sent ten female donkeys loaded with grain and bread and other supplies for his journey.
24. Then Joseph sent his brothers away. As they were leaving he said to them, "Don't argue on the way!"
25. So they went up out of Egypt. They came to their father Jacob in the land of Canaan.
26. They told him, "Joseph is still alive! In fact, he is ruler of the whole land of Egypt." Jacob was shocked. He didn't believe them.
27. So they told him everything Joseph had said to them. Jacob saw the carts Joseph had sent to carry him back. That gave new life to their father Jacob.
28. Israel said, "I believe it now! My son Joseph is still alive. I'll go and see him before I die."

Genesis 46:1-34
1. So Israel started out with everything that belonged to him. When he reached Beersheba, he offered sacrifices to the God of his father Isaac.
2. God spoke to Israel in a vision at night. "Jacob! Jacob!" he said. "Here I am," Jacob replied.
3. "I am God. I am the God of your father," he said. "Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt. There I will make you into a great nation.
4. I will go down to Egypt with you. You can be sure that I will bring you back again. And when you die, Joseph will close your eyes with his own hand."
5. Then Jacob left Beersheba. Israel's sons put their father Jacob and their families in the carts that Pharaoh had sent to carry them.
6. So Jacob and his whole family went to Egypt. They took their livestock with them. And they took everything they had gotten in Canaan.
7. Jacob took his sons and grandsons with him to Egypt. He also took his daughters and granddaughters. He took all of his children and grandchildren with him.
8. Here are the names of Israel's children and grandchildren who went to Egypt. Jacob and all of his children and grandchildren are included. Reuben was Jacob's oldest son.
9. The sons of Reuben were 'QF'Hanoch, Pallu, Hezron and Carmi.
10. The sons of Simeon were 'QF'Jemuel, Jamin, Ohad, Jakin, Zohar and Shaul. Shaul was the son of a woman from Canaan.
11. The sons of Levi were 'QF'Gershon, Kohath and Merari.
12. The sons of Judah were 'QF'Er, Onan, Shelah, Perez and Zerah. But Er and Onan had died in the land of Canaan. The sons of Perez were Hezron and Hamul.
13. The sons of Issachar were 'QF'Tola, Puah, Jashub and Shimron.
14. The sons of Zebulun were 'QF'Sered, Elon and Jahleel.
15. Those were the sons and grandsons who were born to Jacob and Leah in Paddan Aram. Leah also had a daughter by Jacob. Her name was Dinah. The total number of people in the family line of Jacob and Leah was 33.
16. The sons of Gad were 'QF'Zephon, Haggi, Shuni, Ezbon, Eri, Arodi and Areli.
17. The sons of Asher were 'QF'Imnah, Ishvah, Ishvi and Beriah. Their sister was Serah. The sons of Beriah were Heber and Malkiel.
18. Those were the children and grandchildren who were born to Jacob and Zilpah. Laban had given Zilpah to his daughter Leah. The total number of people in the family line of Jacob and Zilpah was 16.
19. The sons of Jacob's wife Rachel were 'QF'Joseph and Benjamin.
20. In Egypt, Asenath had Manasseh and Ephraim by Joseph. Asenath was the daughter of Potiphera. Potiphera was the priest of On.
21. The sons of Benjamin were 'QF'Bela, Beker, Ashbel, Gera, Naaman, Ehi, Rosh, Muppim, Huppim and Ard.
22. Those were the sons and grandsons who were born to Jacob and Rachel. The total number of people in the family line of Jacob and Rachel was 14.
23. The son of Dan was 'QF'Hushim.
24. The sons of Naphtali were 'QF'Jahziel, Guni, Jezer and Shillem.
25. Those were the sons and grandsons who were born to Jacob and Bilhah. Laban had given Bilhah to his daughter Rachel. The total number of people in the family line of Jacob and Bilhah was seven.
26. The total number of those who went to Egypt with Jacob was 66. That number includes only his own children and grandchildren. It doesn't include his sons' wives or his grandsons' wives.
27. The total number of the members of Jacob's family who went to Egypt was 70. That includes the two sons who had been born to Joseph in Egypt.
28. Jacob sent Judah ahead of him to Joseph. He sent him to get directions to Goshen. And so they arrived in the area of Goshen.
29. Then Joseph had his servants get his chariot ready. He went to Goshen to meet his father Israel. As soon as he came to his father, Joseph threw his arms around him. Then Joseph sobbed for a long time.
30. Israel said to Joseph, "I have seen for myself that you are still alive. Now I'm ready to die."
31. Then Joseph spoke to his brothers and to the rest of his father's family. He said, "I will go up and speak to Pharaoh. I'll say to him, 'My brothers and the rest of my father's family have come to me. They were living in the land of Canaan.
32. The men are shepherds. They take care of livestock. They've brought along their flocks and herds and everything they own.'
33. "Pharaoh will send for you. He'll ask, 'What do you do for a living?'
34. You should answer, 'We've taken care of livestock from the time we were boys. We've done just as our fathers did.' It's the practice of the people of Egypt not to mix with shepherds. "So Pharaoh will let you settle in the area of Goshen."

Psalms 12:1-8
1. For the director of music. For sheminith. A psalm of David. Help, Lord! Those who do what is right are gone. Those who are faithful have disappeared from the earth.
2. Everyone tells lies to his neighbors. With his lips he praises others, but he doesn't really mean it.
3. May the Lord cut off all lips that don't mean what they say. May he cut out every tongue that brags.
4. They say, "We will win the battle with our tongues. Our lips belong to us. No one else is in charge of us."
5. The Lord says, "The weak are beaten down. Those who are in need groan. So I will stand up to help them. I will keep them safe from those who tell lies about them."
6. The words of the Lord are perfect. They are like silver made pure in a clay furnace. They are like silver made pure seven times over.
7. Lord, you will keep us safe. You will always keep sinners from hurting us.
8. Proud and sinful people walk around openly when the evil they do is praised by others.

Proverbs 4:14-17
14. Don't take the path of evil people. Don't live the way sinners do.
15. Stay away from their path. Don't travel on it. Turn away from it. Go on your way.
16. Sinners can't sleep until they do what is evil. They can't rest until they make someone fall.
17. They do evil just as easily as they eat food. They hurt others as easily as they drink wine.

Matthew 15:1-20
1. Some Pharisees and some teachers of the law came from Jerusalem to see Jesus. They asked,
2. "Why don't your disciples obey what the elders teach? Your disciples don't wash their hands before they eat!"
3. Jesus replied, "And why don't you obey God's command? You would rather follow your own teachings!
4. God said, 'Honor your father and mother.'--(Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy 5:16) He also said, 'If anyone calls down a curse on his father or mother, he will be put to death.'--(Exodus 21:17; Leviticus 20:9)
5. But you allow people to say to their parents, 'Any help you might have received from us is a gift set apart for God.'
6. So they do not need to honor their parents with their gift. You make the word of God useless in order to follow your own teachings.
7. "You pretenders! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you. He said,
8. " 'These people honor me by what they say. But their hearts are far away from me.
9. Their worship doesn't mean anything to me. They teach nothing but human rules.' " --(Isaiah 29:13)
10. Jesus called the crowd to him. He said, "Listen and understand.
11. What goes into your mouth does not make you 'unclean.' It's what comes out of your mouth that makes you 'unclean.' "
12. Then the disciples came to him. They asked, "Do you know that the Pharisees were angry when they heard this?"
13. Jesus replied, "There are plants that my Father in heaven has not planted. They will be pulled up by the roots.
14. Leave them. The Pharisees are blind guides. If a blind person leads another who is blind, both of them will fall into a pit."
15. Peter said, "Explain this to us."
16. "Don't you understand yet?" Jesus asked them.
17. "Don't you see? Everything that enters the mouth goes into the stomach. Then it goes out of the body.
18. But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart. Those are the things that make you 'unclean.'
19. Evil thoughts come out of the heart. So do murder, adultery, and other sexual sins. And so do stealing, false witness, and telling lies about others.
20. Those are the things that make you 'unclean.' But eating without washing your hands does not make you 'unclean.' "