Bible in one year

May 22

2 Samuel 15:1-37
1. After this Absalom provided himself with chariots, horses, and fifty henchmen.
2. Moreover, Absalom used to rise early and stand alongside the road leading to the gate. If someone had a lawsuit to be decided by the king, Absalom would call to him and say, "From what city are you?" And when he replied, "Your servant is of such and such a tribe of Israel,"
3. Absalom would say to him, "Your suit is good and just, but there is no one to hear you in the king's name."
4. And he would continue: "If only I could be appointed judge in the land! Then everyone who has a lawsuit to be decided might come to me and I would render him justice."
5. Whenever a man approached him to show homage, he would extend his hand, hold him, and kiss him.
6. By behaving in this way toward all the Israelites who came to the king for judgment, Absalom was stealing away the loyalties of the men of Israel.
7. After a period of four years, Absalom said to the king: "Allow me to go to Hebron and fulfill a vow I made to the LORD.
8. For while living in Geshur in Aram, your servant made this vow: 'If the LORD ever brings me back to Jerusalem, I will worship him in Hebron.'"
9. The king wished him a safe journey, and he went off to Hebron.
10. Then Absalom sent spies throughout the tribes of Israel to say, "When you hear the sound of the horn, declare Absalom king in Hebron."
11. Two hundred men had accompanied Absalom from Jerusalem. They had been invited and went in good faith, knowing nothing of the plan.
12. Absalom also sent to Ahithophel the Gilonite, David's counselor, an invitation to come from his town, Giloh, for the sacrifices he was about to offer. So the conspiracy gained strength, and the people with Absalom increased in numbers.
13. An informant came to David with the report, "The Israelites have transferred their loyalty to Absalom."
14. At this, David said to all his servants who were with him in Jerusalem: "Up! Let us take flight, or none of us will escape from Absalom. Leave quickly, lest he hurry and overtake us, then visit disaster upon us and put the city to the sword."
15. The king's officers answered him, "Your servants are ready, whatever our lord the king chooses to do."
16. Then the king set out, accompanied by his entire household, except for ten concubines whom he left behind to take care of the palace.
17. As the king left the city, with all his officers accompanying him, they halted opposite the ascent of the Mount of Olives, at a distance,
18. while the whole army marched past him.As all the Cherethites and Pelethites, and the six hundred men of Gath who had accompanied him from that city, were passing in review before the king,
19. he said to Ittai the Gittite: "Why should you also go with us? Go back and stay with the king, for you are a foreigner and you, too, are an exile from your own country.
20. You came only yesterday, and shall I have you wander about with us today, wherever I have to go? Return and take your brothers with you, and may the LORD be kind and faithful to you."
21. But Ittai answered the king, "As the LORD lives, and as my lord the king lives, your servant shall be wherever my lord the king may be, whether for death or for life."
22. So the king said to Ittai, "Go, then, march on." And Ittai the Gittite, with all his men and all the dependents that were with him, marched on.
23. Everyone in the countryside wept aloud as the last of the soldiers went by, and the king crossed the Kidron Valley with all the soldiers moving on ahead of him by way of the Mount of Olives, toward the desert.
24. Zadok, too (with all the Levite bearers of the ark of the covenant of God), and Abiathar brought the ark of God to a halt until the soldiers had marched out of the city.
25. Then the king said to Zadok: "Take the ark of God back to the city. If I find favor with the LORD, he will bring me back and permit me to see it and its lodging.
26. But if he should say, 'I am not pleased with you,' I am ready; let him do to me as he sees fit."
27. The king also said to the priest Zadok: "See to it that you and Abiathar return to the city in peace, and both your sons with you, your own son Ahimaaz, and Abiathar's son Jonathan.
28. Remember, I shall be waiting at the fords near the desert until I receive information from you."
29. So Zadok and Abiathar took the ark of God back to Jerusalem and remained there.
30. As David went up the Mount of Olives, he wept without ceasing. His head was covered, and he was walking barefoot. All those who were with him also had their heads covered and were weeping as they went.
31. When David was informed that Ahithophel was among the conspirators with Absalom, he said, "O LORD, turn the counsel of Ahithophel to folly!"
32. When David reached the top, where men used to worship God, Hushai the Archite was there to meet him, with rent garments and dirt upon his head.
33. David said to him: "If you come with me, you will be a burden to me.
34. But if you return to the city and say to Absalom, 'Let me be your servant, O king; I was formerly your father's servant, but now I will be yours,' you will undo for me the counsel of Ahithophel.
35. You will have the priests Zadok and Abiathar there with you. If you hear anything from the royal palace, you shall report it to the priests Zadok and Abiathar,
36. who have there with them both Zadok's son Ahimaaz and Abiathar's son Jonathan. Through them you shall send on to me whatever you hear."
37. So David's friend Hushai went into the city of Jerusalem as Absalom was about to enter it.

2 Samuel 16:1-23
1. David had gone a little beyond the top when Ziba, the servant of Meribbaal, met him with saddled asses laden with two hundred loaves of bread, an ephah of cakes of pressed raisins, an ephah of summer fruits, and a skin of wine.
2. The king said to Ziba, "What do you plan to do with these?" Ziba replied: "The asses are for the king's household to ride on. The bread and summer fruits are for your servants to eat, and the wine for those to drink who are weary in the desert."
3. Then the king said, "And where is your lord's son?" Ziba answered the king, "He is staying in Jerusalem, for he said, 'Now the Israelites will restore to me my father's kingdom.'"
4. The king therefore said to Ziba, "So! Everything Meribbaal had is yours." Then Ziba said: "I pay you homage, my lord the king. May I find favor with you!"
5. As David was approaching Bahurim, a man named Shimei, the son of Gera of the same clan as Saul's family, was coming out of the place, cursing as he came.
6. He threw stones at David and at all the king's officers, even though all the soldiers, including the royal guard, were on David's right and on his left.
7. Shimei was saying as he cursed: "Away, away, you murderous and wicked man!
8. The LORD has requited you for all the bloodshed in the family of Saul, in whose stead you became king, and the LORD has given over the kingdom to your son Absalom. And now you suffer ruin because you are a murderer."
9. Abishai, son of Zeruiah, said to the king: "Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over, please, and lop off his head."
10. But the king replied: "What business is it of mine or of yours, sons of Zeruiah, that he curses? Suppose the LORD has told him to curse David; who then will dare to say, 'Why are you doing this?'"
11. Then the king said to Abishai and to all his servants: "If my own son, who came forth from my loins, is seeking my life, how much more might this Benjaminite do so! Let him alone and let him curse, for the LORD has told him to.
12. Perhaps the LORD will look upon my affliction and make it up to me with benefits for the curses he is uttering this day."
13. David and his men continued on the road, while Shimei kept abreast of them on the hillside, all the while cursing and throwing stones and dirt as he went.
14. The king and all the soldiers with him arrived at the Jordan tired out, and stopped there for a rest.
15. In the meantime Absalom, accompanied by Ahithophel, entered Jerusalem with all the Israelites.
16. When David's friend Hushai the Archite came to Absalom, he said to him: "Long live the king! Long live the king!"
17. But Absalom asked Hushai: "Is this your devotion to your friend? Why did you not go with your friend?"
18. Hushai replied to Absalom: "On the contrary, I am his whom the LORD and all this people and all Israel have chosen, and with him I will stay.
19. Furthermore, as I was in attendance upon your father, so will I be before you. Whom should I serve, if not his son?"
20. Then Absalom said to Ahithophel, "Offer your counsel on what we should do."
21. Ahithophel replied to Absalom: "Have relations with your father's concubines, whom he left behind to take care of the palace. When all Israel hears how odious you have made yourself to your father, all your partisans will take courage."
22. So a tent was pitched on the roof for Absalom, and he visited his father's concubines in view of all Israel.
23. Now the counsel given by Ahithophel at that time was as though one had sought divine revelation. Such was all his counsel both to David and to Absalom.

Psalms 66:8-15
8. Bless our God, you peoples; loudly sound his praise,
9. Who has kept us alive and not allowed our feet to slip.
10. You tested us, O God, tried us as silver tried by fire.
11. You led us into a snare; you bound us at the waist as captives.
12. You let captors set foot on our neck; we went through fire and water; then you led us out to freedom.
13. I will bring holocausts to your house; to you I will fulfill my vows,
14. The vows my lips pronounced and my mouth spoke in distress.
15. Holocausts of fatlings I will offer you and burnt offerings of rams; I will sacrifice oxen and goats. Selah

Proverbs 16:27-30
27. A scoundrel is a furnace of evil, and on his lips there is a scorching fire.
28. An intriguer sows discord, and a talebearer separates bosom friends.
29. A lawless man allures his neighbor, and leads him into a way that is not good.
30. He who winks his eye is plotting trickery; he who compresses his lips has mischief ready.

John 7:1-27
1. After this, Jesus moved about within Galilee; but he did not wish to travel in Judea, because the Jews were trying to kill him.
2. But the Jewish feast of Tabernacles was near.
3. So his brothers said to him, "Leave here and go to Judea, so that your disciples also may see the works you are doing.
4. No one works in secret if he wants to be known publicly. If you do these things, manifest yourself to the world."
5. For his brothers did not believe in him.
6. So Jesus said to them, "My time is not yet here, but the time is always right for you.
7. The world cannot hate you, but it hates me, because I testify to it that its works are evil.
8. You go up to the feast. I am not going up to this feast, because my time has not yet been fulfilled."
9. After he had said this, he stayed on in Galilee.
10. But when his brothers had gone up to the feast, he himself also went up, not openly but (as it were) in secret.
11. The Jews were looking for him at the feast and saying, "Where is he?"
12. And there was considerable murmuring about him in the crowds. Some said, "He is a good man," (while) others said, "No; on the contrary, he misleads the crowd."
13. Still, no one spoke openly about him because they were afraid of the Jews.
14. When the feast was already half over, Jesus went up into the temple area and began to teach.
15. The Jews were amazed and said, "How does he know scripture without having studied?"
16. Jesus answered them and said, "My teaching is not my own but is from the one who sent me.
17. Whoever chooses to do his will shall know whether my teaching is from God or whether I speak on my own.
18. Whoever speaks on his own seeks his own glory, but whoever seeks the glory of the one who sent him is truthful, and there is no wrong in him.
19. Did not Moses give you the law? Yet none of you keeps the law. Why are you trying to kill me?"
20. The crowd answered, "You are possessed! Who is trying to kill you?"
21. Jesus answered and said to them, "I performed one work and all of you are amazed
22. because of it. Moses gave you circumcision-- not that it came from Moses but rather from the patriarchs-- and you circumcise a man on the sabbath.
23. If a man can receive circumcision on a sabbath so that the law of Moses may not be broken, are you angry with me because I made a whole person well on a sabbath?
24. Stop judging by appearances, but judge justly."
25. So some of the inhabitants of Jerusalem said, "Is he not the one they are trying to kill?
26. And look, he is speaking openly and they say nothing to him. Could the authorities have realized that he is the Messiah?
27. But we know where he is from. When the Messiah comes, no one will know where he is from."