Bible in one year

September 16

Isaiah 23:1-18
1. An oracle against Tyre: Wail, ships of Tarshish, for your haven has been destroyed. Word has reached them from the land of Cyprus.
2. Mourn, inhabitants of the coastland, you merchants of Sidon; your agents have crossed the sea
3. on many waters. Tyre's revenue was the grain from Shihor-- the harvest of the Nile. She was the merchant among the nations.
4. Be ashamed Sidon, the stronghold of the sea, for the sea has spoken: "I have not been in labor or given birth. I have not raised young men [or] brought up young women."
5. When the news reaches Egypt, they will be in anguish over the news about Tyre.
6. Cross over to Tarshish; wail, inhabitants of the coastland!
7. Is this your jubilant [city], whose origin was in ancient times, whose feet have taken her to settle far away?
8. Who planned this against Tyre, the bestower of crowns, whose traders are princes, whose merchants are the honored ones of the earth?
9. The LORD of Hosts planned it, to desecrate all [its] glorious beauty, to disgrace all the honored ones of the earth.
10. Overflow your land like the Nile, daughter of Tarshish; there is no longer anything to restrain [you].
11. He stretched out His hand over the sea; He made kingdoms tremble. The LORD has commanded that the Canaanite fortresses be destroyed.
12. He said, "You will not rejoice any more, ravished young woman, daughter of Sidon. Get up and cross over to Cyprus-- even there you will have no rest!"
13. Look at the land of Chaldeans-- a people who no longer exist. Assyria destined it for wild beasts. They set up their siege towers and stripped its palaces. They made it a ruin.
14. Wail, ships of Tarshish, because your fortress is destroyed!
15. On that day Tyre will be forgotten for 70 years-- the life span of one king. At the end of 70 years, what the song [says] about the prostitute will happen to Tyre:
16. Pick up [your] harp, stroll through the city, prostitute forgotten [by men]. Play skillfully, sing many a song, and you will be thought of again.
17. And at the end of the 70 years, the LORD will restore Tyre and she will go back into business, prostituting herself with all the kingdoms of the world on the face of the earth.
18. But her profits and wages will be dedicated to the LORD. They will not be stored or saved, for her profit will go to those who live in the LORD's presence, to provide them with ample food and sacred clothing.

Isaiah 24:1-23
1. Look, the LORD is stripping the earth bare and making it desolate. He will twist its surface and scatter its inhabitants:
2. people and priest alike, servant and master, female servant and mistress, buyer and seller, lender and borrower, creditor and debtor.
3. The earth will be stripped completely bare and will be totally plundered, for the LORD has spoken this message.
4. The earth mourns and withers; the world wastes away and withers; the exalted people of the earth waste away.
5. The earth is polluted by its inhabitants, for they have transgressed teachings, overstepped decrees, and broken the everlasting covenant.
6. Therefore a curse has consumed the earth, and its inhabitants have become guilty; the earth's inhabitants have been burned, and only a few survive.
7. The new wine mourns; the vine withers. All the carousers now groan.
8. The joyful tambourines have ceased. The noise of the jubilant has stopped. The joyful lyre has ceased.
9. They no longer sing and drink wine; beer is bitter to those who drink it.
10. The city of chaos is shattered; every house is closed to entry.
11. In the streets they cry for wine. All joy grows dark; earth's rejoicing goes into exile.
12. Only desolation remains in the city; its gate has collapsed in ruins.
13. For this is how it will be on earth among the nations: like a harvested olive tree, like a gleaning after a grape harvest.
14. They raise their voices, they sing out; they proclaim in the west the majesty of the LORD.
15. Therefore in the east honor the LORD! In the islands of the west [honor] the name of the LORD, the God of Israel.
16. From the ends of the earth we hear songs: The Splendor of the Righteous One. But I said, "I waste away! I waste away! Woe is me." The treacherous act treacherously; the treacherous deal very treacherously.
17. Terror, pit, and snare [await] you who dwell on the earth.
18. Whoever flees at the sound of terror will fall into a pit, and whoever escapes from the pit will be caught in a snare. For the windows are opened from above, and the foundations of the earth are shaken.
19. The earth is completely devastated; the earth is split open; the earth is violently shaken.
20. The earth staggers like a drunkard and sways like a hut. Earth's rebellion weighs it down, and it falls, never to rise again.
21. On that day the LORD will punish the host of heaven above and kings of the earth below.
22. They will be gathered together like prisoners in a pit. They will be confined to a dungeon; after many days they will be punished.
23. The moon will be put to shame and the sun disgraced, because the LORD of Hosts will reign as king on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and He will [display His] glory in the presence of His elders.

Psalms 107:10-22
10. Others sat in darkness and gloom-- prisoners in cruel chains--
11. because they rebelled against God's commands and despised the counsel of the Most High.
12. He broke their spirits with hard labor; they stumbled, and there was no one to help.
13. Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble; He saved them from their distress.
14. He brought them out of darkness and gloom and broke their chains apart.
15. Let them give thanks to the LORD for His faithful love and His wonderful works for the human race.
16. For He has broken down the bronze gates and cut through the iron bars.
17. Fools suffered affliction because of their rebellious ways and their sins.
18. They loathed all food and came near the gates of death.
19. Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble; He saved them from their distress.
20. He sent His word and healed them; He rescued them from the Pit.
21. Let them give thanks to the LORD for His faithful love and His wonderful works for the human race.
22. Let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving and announce His works with shouts of joy.

Proverbs 25:17-17
17. Seldom set foot in your neighbor's house; otherwise, he'll get sick of you and hate you.

2 Corinthians 1:8-24
8. For we don't want you to be unaware, brothers, of our affliction that took place in the province of Asia: we were completely overwhelmed-- beyond our strength-- so that we even despaired of life.
9. However, we personally had a death sentence within ourselves so that we would not trust in ourselves, but in God who raises the dead.
10. He has delivered us from such a terrible death, and He will deliver us; we have placed our hope in Him that He will deliver us again.
11. And you can join in helping with prayer for us, so that thanks may be given by many on our behalf for the gift that came to us through [the prayers of] many.
12. For our boast is this: the testimony of our conscience that we have conducted ourselves in the world, and especially toward you, with God-given sincerity and purity, not by fleshly wisdom but by God's grace.
13. Now we are writing you nothing other than what you can read and also understand. I hope you will understand completely--
14. as you have partially understood us-- that we are your reason for pride, as you are ours, in the day of our Lord Jesus.
15. In this confidence, I planned to come to you first, so you could have a double benefit,
16. and to go on to Macedonia with your help, then come to you again from Macedonia and be given a start by you on my journey to Judea.
17. So when I planned this, was I irresponsible? Or what I plan, do I plan in a purely human way so that I say "Yes, yes" and "No, no" [simultaneously]?
18. As God is faithful, our message to you is not "Yes and no."
19. For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who was preached among you by us-- by me and Silvanus and Timothy-- did not become "Yes and no"; on the contrary, "Yes" has come about in Him.
20. For every one of God's promises is "Yes" in Him. Therefore the "Amen" is also through Him for God's glory through us.
21. Now the One who confirms us with you in Christ, and has anointed us, is God;
22. He has also sealed us and given us the Spirit as a down payment in our hearts.
23. I call on God as a witness against me: it was to spare you that I did not come to Corinth.
24. Not that we have control of your faith, but we are workers with you for your joy, because you stand by faith.