Bible in one year

June 18

2 Kings 25:1-30
1. In the ninth year of Zedekiah's reign, on the tenth day of the tenth month, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon advanced against Jerusalem with his entire army. They laid siege to the city and built a siege wall against it all around.
2. The city was under siege until King Zedekiah's eleventh year.
3. By the ninth day of the [fourth] month the famine was so severe in the city that the people of the land had no food.
4. Then the city was broken into, and all the warriors [fled] by night by way of the gate between the two walls near the king's garden, even though the Chaldeans surrounded the city. As the king made his way along the route to the Arabah,
5. the Chaldean army pursued him and overtook him in the plains of Jericho. Zedekiah's entire army was scattered from him.
6. The Chaldeans seized the king and brought him up to the king of Babylon at Riblah, and they passed sentence on him.
7. They slaughtered Zedekiah's sons before his eyes. Finally, the king of Babylon blinded Zedekiah, bound him in bronze [chains], and took him to Babylon.
8. On the seventh day of the fifth month, which was the nineteenth year of King Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, Nebuzaradan, the commander of the guards, a servant of the king of Babylon, entered Jerusalem.
9. He burned the LORD's temple, the king's palace, and all the houses of Jerusalem; he burned down all the great houses.
10. The whole Chaldean army [with] the commander of the guards tore down the walls surrounding Jerusalem.
11. Nebuzaradan, the commander of the guards, deported the rest of the people who were left in the city, the deserters who had defected to the king of Babylon, and the rest of the population.
12. But the commander of the guards left some of the poorest of the land to be vinedressers and farmers.
13. Now the Chaldeans broke into pieces the bronze pillars of the LORD's temple, the water carts, and the bronze reservoir, which were in the LORD's temple, and carried the bronze to Babylon.
14. They also took the pots, the shovels, the wick trimmers, the dishes, and all the bronze articles used in [temple] service.
15. The commander of the guards took away the firepans and the sprinkling basins-- whatever was gold or silver.
16. As for the two pillars, the one reservoir, and the water carts that Solomon had made for the LORD's temple, the weight of the bronze of all these articles was beyond measure.
17. One pillar was 27 feet tall and had a bronze capital on top of it. The capital, encircled by a grating and pomegranates of bronze, stood five feet high. The second pillar was the same, with its own grating.
18. The commander of the guards also took away Seraiah the chief priest, Zephaniah the priest of the second rank, and the three doorkeepers.
19. From the city he took a court official who had been appointed over the warriors; five trusted royal aides found in the city; the secretary of the commander of the army, who enlisted the people of the land for military duty; and 60 men from the common people who were found within the city.
20. Nebuzaradan, the commander of the guards, took them and brought them to the king of Babylon at Riblah.
21. The king of Babylon put them to death at Riblah in the land of Hamath. So Judah went into exile from its land.
22. Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon appointed Gedaliah son of Ahikam, son of Shaphan, over the rest of the people he left in the land of Judah.
23. When all the commanders of the armies-- they and their men-- heard that the king of Babylon had appointed Gedaliah, they came to Gedaliah at Mizpah. [The commanders included] Ishmael son of Nethaniah, Johanan son of Kareah, Seraiah son of Tanhumeth the Netophathite, and Jaazaniah son of the Maacathite-- they and their men.
24. Gedaliah swore an oath to them and their men, assuring them, "Don't be afraid of the servants of the Chaldeans. Live in the land and serve the king of Babylon, and it will go well for you."
25. In the seventh month, however, Ishmael son of Nethaniah, son of Elishama, of the royal family, came with 10 men and struck down Gedaliah, and he died. Also, [they killed] the Jews and the Chaldeans who were with him at Mizpah.
26. Then all the people, from the youngest to the oldest, and the commanders of the army, left and went to Egypt, for they were afraid of the Chaldeans.
27. On the twenty-seventh day of the twelfth month of the thirty-seventh year of the exile of Judah's King Jehoiachin, Evil-merodach king of Babylon, in the year he became king, pardoned King Jehoiachin of Judah [and released him] from prison.
28. He spoke kindly to him and set his throne over the thrones of the kings who were with him in Babylon.
29. So Jehoiachin changed his prison clothes, and he dined regularly in the presence of the king of Babylon for the rest of his life.
30. As for his allowance, a regular allowance was given to him by the king, a portion for each day, for the rest of his life.

Psalms 75:1-10
1. [For the choir director: "Do Not Destroy." A psalm of Asaph. A song.] We give thanks to You, God; we give thanks to You, for Your name is near. People tell about Your wonderful works.
2. "When I choose a time, I will judge fairly.
3. When the earth and all its inhabitants shake, I am the One who steadies its pillars. Selah
4. I say to the boastful, 'Do not boast,' and to the wicked, 'Do not lift up your horn.
5. Do not lift up your horn against heaven or speak arrogantly.'"
6. Exaltation does not come from the east, the west, or the desert,
7. for God is the judge: He brings down one and exalts another.
8. For there is a cup in the LORD's hand, full of wine blended with spices, and He pours from it. All the wicked of the earth will drink, draining it to the dregs.
9. As for me, I will tell about Him forever; I will sing praise to the God of Jacob.
10. "I will cut off all the horns of the wicked, but the horns of the righteous will be lifted up."

Proverbs 19:4-5
4. Wealth attracts many friends, but a poor man is separated from his friend.
5. A false witness will not go unpunished, and one who utters lies will not escape.

Acts 3:1-26
1. Now Peter and John were going up together to the temple complex at the hour of prayer at three in the afternoon.
2. And a man who was lame from his mother's womb was carried there and placed every day at the temple gate called Beautiful, so he could beg from those entering the temple complex.
3. When he saw Peter and John about to enter the temple complex, he asked for help.
4. Peter, along with John, looked at him intently and said, "Look at us."
5. So he turned to them, expecting to get something from them.
6. But Peter said, "I have neither silver nor gold, but what I have, I give to you: In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, get up and walk!"
7. Then, taking him by the right hand he raised him up, and at once his feet and ankles became strong.
8. So he jumped up, stood, and started to walk, and he entered the temple complex with them-- walking, leaping, and praising God.
9. All the people saw him walking and praising God,
10. and they recognized that he was the one who used to sit and beg at the Beautiful Gate of the temple complex. So they were filled with awe and astonishment at what had happened to him.
11. While he was holding on to Peter and John, all the people, greatly amazed, ran toward them in what is called Solomon's Colonnade.
12. When Peter saw this, he addressed the people: "Men of Israel, why are you amazed at this? Or why do you stare at us, as though by our own power or godliness we had made him walk?
13. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of our fathers, has glorified His Servant Jesus, whom you handed over and denied in the presence of Pilate, when he had decided to release Him.
14. But you denied the Holy and Righteous One, and asked to have a murderer given to you.
15. And you killed the source of life, whom God raised from the dead; we are witnesses of this.
16. By faith in His name, His name has made this man strong, whom you see and know. So the faith that comes through Him has given him this perfect health in front of all of you.
17. "And now, brothers, I know that you did it in ignorance, just as your leaders also did.
18. But what God predicted through the mouth of all the prophets-- that His Messiah would suffer-- He has fulfilled in this way.
19. Therefore repent and turn back, that your sins may be wiped out so that seasons of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord,
20. and He may send Jesus, who has been appointed Messiah for you.
21. Heaven must welcome Him until the times of the restoration of all things, which God spoke about by the mouth of His holy prophets from the beginning.
22. Moses said: The Lord your God will raise up for you a Prophet like me from among your brothers. You must listen to Him in everything He will say to you.
23. And it will be that everyone who will not listen to that Prophet will be completely cut off from the people.
24. "In addition, all the prophets who have spoken, from Samuel and those after him, have also announced these days.
25. You are the sons of the prophets and of the covenant that God made with your forefathers, saying to Abraham, And in your seed all the families of the earth will be blessed.
26. God raised up His Servant and sent Him first to you to bless you by turning each of you from your evil ways."