Bible in one year

September 12

Isaiah 15:1-9
1. This is a message about Moab: One night armies took the wealth from Ar in Moab, and the city was destroyed. One night armies took the wealth from Kir in Moab, and the city was destroyed.
2. The king's family and the people of Dibon go to the places of worship to cry. The people of Moab are crying for Nebo and Medeba. They have shaved their heads and beards to show their sadness.
3. Everywhere in Moab, on the housetops and in the streets, people are wearing sackcloth. Everyone is crying.
4. In Heshbon and Elealeh they are crying loudly. You can hear their voices as far away as Jahaz. Even the soldiers are frightened. They are shaking with fear.
5. My heart cries in sorrow for Moab. Its people run away to Zoar for safety. They run to Eglath Shelishiyah. The people are crying as they go up the road to Luhith. They are crying loudly as they walk on the road to Horonaim.
6. But Nimrim Brook is as dry as a desert. The grass has dried up, and all the plants are dead. Nothing is green.
7. So the people gather up everything they own and cross the border at Arabah stream.
8. You can hear crying everywhere in Moab— as far away as Eglaim and Beer Elim.
9. The water of Dimon is full of blood, and I will bring even more troubles to Dimon. A few people living in Moab have escaped the enemy, but I will send lions to eat them.

Isaiah 16:1-14
1. You people should send a gift to the king of the land. You should send a lamb from Sela, through the desert, to the mountain of Daughter Zion.
2. The women of Moab try to cross the river Arnon. They run around looking for help, like little birds that have fallen from their nest.
3. They say, "Help us! Tell us what to do. Protect us from our enemies as shade protects us from the noon sun. We are running from our enemies. Hide us! Don't give us to our enemies.
4. People from Moab were forced to leave their homes. So let them live in your land. Hide them from their enemies." The robbing will stop. The enemy will be defeated. The men who hurt the people will be gone from the land.
5. Then a new king will come. He will be from David's family. He will be loyal, loving, and kind. He will be a king who judges fairly. He will do what is right and good.
6. We have heard that the people of Moab are very proud and conceited. They are hot-tempered braggers, but their boasts are only empty words.
7. Because of their pride, everyone in Moab will mourn. They will wish for the way things used to be. They will wish for the fig-cakes from Kir Hareseth.
8. The fields of Heshbon and the vines of Sibmah no longer grow grapes. Foreign rulers have destroyed the vines. The enemy has reached Jazer and has spread into the desert and down to the sea.
9. I will cry with the people of Jazer and Sibmah, because the grapes have been destroyed. I will cry with the people of Heshbon and Elealeh because there will be no harvest. There will be no summer fruit, and there will be no shouts of joy for the harvest.
10. There will be no joy and happiness in the orchard. I will end the happy singing and shouting in the vineyard. The grapes are ready to make wine, but they will all be ruined.
11. So I will hum a sad song for Moab and Kir Heres, like a harp playing a funeral song.
12. The people of Moab will go to their high places to worship. They will go to their temple to pray, but it will not help them.
13. The Lord said these things about Moab many times.
14. And now the Lord says, "In three years (counting as exactly as a hired worker would) all those people and the things they are proud of will be gone. Only a few of their weakest people will be left."

Psalms 106:24-31
24. But then they refused to go into the wonderful land of Canaan. They did not believe that God would help them defeat the people there.
25. Our ancestors complained in their tents and refused to obey the Lord.
26. So he swore that they would die in the desert.
27. He promised to scatter them among the nations and to let other people defeat their descendants.
28. At Baal Peor they joined in worshiping Baal and ate sacrifices to honor the dead.
29. The Lord became angry with his people, so he made them sick.
30. But Phinehas prayed to God, and God stopped the sickness.
31. He considered what Phinehas did a good work, and it will be remembered forever and ever.

Proverbs 25:8-10
8. Don't be too quick to tell a judge about something you saw. You will be embarrassed if someone else proves you wrong.
9. If you want to tell your friends about your own problems, tell them. But don't discuss what someone told you in private.
10. Whoever hears it will lose their respect for you and will never trust you again.

2 Corinthians 4:1-18
1. God, with his mercy, gave us this work to do, so we don't give up.
2. But we have turned away from secret and shameful ways. We don't use trickery, and we don't change the teaching of God. We teach the truth plainly. This is how we show people who we are. And this is how they can know in their hearts what kind of people we are before God.
3. The Good News that we tell people may be hidden, but it is hidden only to those who are lost.
4. The ruler of this world has blinded the minds of those who don't believe. They cannot see the light of the Good News— the message about the divine greatness of Christ. Christ is the one who is exactly like God.
5. We don't tell people about ourselves. But we tell people that Jesus Christ is Lord, and we tell them that we are your servants for Jesus.
6. God once said, "Let light shine out of the darkness!" And this is the same God who made his light shine in our hearts to let us know that his own divine greatness is seen in the face of Christ.
7. We have this treasure from God, but we are only like clay jars that hold the treasure. This is to show that the amazing power we have is from God, not from us.
8. We have troubles all around us, but we are not defeated. We often don't know what to do, but we don't give up.
9. We are persecuted, but God does not leave us. We are hurt sometimes, but we are not destroyed.
10. So we constantly experience the death of Jesus in our own bodies, but this is so that the life of Jesus can also be seen in our bodies.
11. We are alive, but for Jesus we are always in danger of death, so that the life of Jesus can be seen in our bodies that die.
12. So death is working in us, but the result is that life is working in you.
13. The Scriptures say, "I believed, so I spoke." Our faith is like that too. We believe, and so we speak.
14. God raised the Lord Jesus from death, and we know that he will also raise us with Jesus. God will bring us together with you, and we will stand before him.
15. All these things are for you. And so the grace of God is being given to more and more people. This will bring more and more thanks to God for his glory.
16. That is why we never give up. Our physical body is becoming older and weaker, but our spirit inside us is made new every day.
17. We have small troubles for a while now, but these troubles are helping us gain an eternal glory. That eternal glory is much greater than our troubles.
18. So we think about what we cannot see, not what we see. What we see lasts only a short time, and what we cannot see will last forever.