Bible in one year

August 24

Job 39:1-30
1. "Do you know when the mountain goats are born? Do you watch when the mother deer gives birth?
2. Do you know how many months they must carry their babies? Do you know when it is the right time for them to be born?
3. These animals lie down, they feel their birth pains, and their babies are born.
4. Their babies grow strong out in the wild. Then they leave their mothers and never come back.
5. "Who let the wild donkeys go free? Who untied their ropes and let them loose?
6. I let the wild donkey have the desert for a home. I gave the salt lands to them for a place to live.
7. They are happy to be away from the noise of the city. They never have to listen to their drivers shouting at them.
8. They live in the mountains. That is their pasture. That is where they look for food to eat.
9. "Will a wild bull agree to serve you? Will he stay in your barn at night?
10. Will he let you put ropes on him to plow your fields?
11. A wild bull is very strong, but can you trust him to do your work?
12. Can you trust him to gather your grain and bring it to your threshing place?
13. "An ostrich gets excited and flaps its wings, but it cannot fly. Its wings and feathers are not like the wings of a stork.
14. An ostrich lays her eggs on the ground and lets the sand keep them warm.
15. The ostrich forgets that someone might step on her eggs or that a wild animal might break them.
16. An ostrich leaves her little babies. She treats them as if they were not her own. If her babies die, she does not care that all her work was for nothing.
17. That's because I did not give wisdom to the ostrich. She is foolish, and I made her that way.
18. But when the ostrich gets up to run, she laughs at the horse and its rider, because she can run faster than any horse.
19. "Did you give the horse its strength? Did you put the mane on its neck?
20. Did you make it able to jump like a locust or snort so loudly that it scares people?
21. A horse is happy to be so strong. It scratches the ground with its foot and runs into battle.
22. It laughs at fear; nothing makes it afraid! It does not run away from battle.
23. The soldier's quiver shakes on the horse's side. The spear and weapons its rider carries shine in the sun.
24. The horse gets very excited and races over the ground. When it hears the trumpet blow, it cannot stand still.
25. When the trumpet sounds, it snorts, 'Hurray!' It can smell the battle from far away and hear the shouts of commanders with all the other sounds of battle.
26. "Did you teach the hawk how to spread its wings and fly south?
27. Are you the one who told the eagle to fly high into the sky? Did you tell it to build its nest high in the mountains?
28. It lives high on a peak at the top of a cliff. That is its fortress.
29. From there it looks far into the distance, searching for its food.
30. The eagles gather around dead bodies, and their young eat the blood."

Job 40:1-24
1. Then the Lord said to Job,
2. "You wanted to argue with God All-Powerful. You wanted to correct me and prove that I was wrong. So give me your answer!"
3. Then Job answered the Lord:
4. "I am not worthy to speak! What can I say to you? I cannot answer you! I will put my hand over my mouth.
5. I spoke once, but I will not speak again. I spoke twice, but I will not say anything more."
6. Then the Lord spoke to Job again from the storm:
7. "Brace yourself and get ready to answer the questions I will ask you.
8. "Are you trying to show that I am unfair? Are you trying to look innocent by saying that I am guilty?
9. Are your arms as strong as mine? Do you have a voice like mine that is as loud as thunder?
10. If so, you can be proud and wear glory and honor like clothes.
11. If you are as powerful as God, then show your anger! Punish those who are proud and humble them.
12. Yes, just look at the proud and make them humble. Crush those evil people where they stand.
13. Bury them all in the dirt. Wrap their bodies up and put them in their graves.
14. If you can do any of these things, then even I will praise you. And I will admit that you can save yourself by your own power.
15. "Look at the behemoth. I made the behemoth, and I made you. He eats grass like a cow.
16. But he has great strength in his body. The muscles in his stomach are powerful.
17. His tail stands strong like a cedar tree. His leg muscles are very strong.
18. His bones are as strong as bronze. His legs are like iron bars.
19. The behemoth is the most amazing animal I made, but I can defeat him.
20. He eats the grass that grows on the hills where the wild animals play.
21. He lies under the lotus plants. He hides among the reeds of the swamp.
22. The lotus plants hide him in their shade. He lives under the willow trees that grow near the river.
23. If the river floods, the behemoth will not run away. He is not afraid if the Jordan River splashes on his face.
24. No one can blind his eyes and capture him. No one can catch him in a trap.

Psalms 101:1-4
1. A song of David. I will sing about love and justice. Lord, I will sing to you.
2. I will be careful to live a pure life. I will live in my house with complete honesty. When will you come to me?
3. I will not even look at anything shameful. I hate all wrongdoing. I want no part of it!
4. I will not be involved in anything dishonest. I will have nothing to do with evil.

Proverbs 23:29-30
29. Who gets into fights and arguments? Who gets hurt for no reason and has red, bloodshot eyes? People who stay out too late drinking wine, staring into their strong drinks.

1 Corinthians 6:1-20
1. When one of you has something against someone else in your group, why do you go to the judges in the law courts? The way they think and live is wrong. So why do you let them decide who is right? Why don't you let God's holy people decide who is right?
2. Don't you know that God's people will judge the world? So if you will judge the world, then surely you can judge small arguments like this.
3. You know that in the future we will judge angels. So surely we can judge life's ordinary problems.
4. So if you have such matters to be judged, why do you take them to those who are not part of the church? They mean nothing to you.
5. I say this to shame you. Surely there is someone in your group wise enough to judge a complaint between two believers.
6. But now one believer goes to court against another, and you let people who are not believers judge their case!
7. The lawsuits that you have against each other show that you are already defeated. It would be better for you to let someone wrong you. It would be better to let someone cheat you.
8. But you are the ones doing wrong and cheating. And you do this to your own brothers and sisters in Christ!
9. Surely you know that people who do wrong will not get to enjoy God's kingdom. Don't be fooled. These are the people who will not get to enjoy his kingdom: those who sin sexually, those who worship idols, those who commit adultery, men who let other men use them for sex or who have sex with other men, those who steal, those who are greedy, those who drink too much, those who abuse others with insults, and those who cheat.
11. In the past some of you were like that. But you were washed clean, you were made holy, and you were made right with God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.
12. "I am allowed to do anything," you say. My answer to this is that not all things are good. Even if it is true that "I am allowed to do anything," I will not let anything control me like a slave.
13. Someone else says, "Food is for the stomach, and the stomach for food." Yes, and God will destroy them both. But the body is not for sexual sin. The body is for the Lord, and the Lord is for the body.
14. And God will raise our bodies from death with the same power he used to raise the Lord Jesus.
15. Surely you know that your bodies are parts of Christ himself. So I must never take what is part of Christ and join it to a prostitute!
16. The Scriptures say, "The two people will become one." So you should know that anyone who is joined with a prostitute becomes one with her in body.
17. But anyone who is joined with the Lord is one with him in spirit.
18. So run away from sexual sin. It involves the body in a way that no other sin does. So if you commit sexual sin, you are sinning against your own body.
19. You should know that your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit that you received from God and that lives in you. You don't own yourselves.
20. God paid a very high price to make you his. So honor God with your body.