Bible in one year

August 15

Job 21:1-34
1. Then Job answered:
2. "Listen to what I say. Let this be your way of comforting me.
3. Be patient while I speak. Then after I have finished speaking, you may make fun of me.
4. "My complaint is not against people. There is a good reason why I am not patient.
5. Look at me and be shocked. Put your hand over your mouth, and stare at me in shock!
6. When I think about what happened to me, I feel afraid and my body shakes!
7. Why do evil people live long lives? Why do they grow old and successful?
8. They watch their children grow up and live to see their grandchildren.
9. Their homes are safe and free from fear. God does not punish them.
10. Their bulls never fail to mate. Their cows have healthy calves.
11. They send their children out to play like lambs. Their children dance around.
12. They sing and dance to the sound of harps and flutes.
13. Evil people enjoy success during their lives and then go to the grave without suffering.
14. They say to God, 'Leave us alone! We don't care what you want us to do!'
15. And they say, 'Who is God All-Powerful? We don't need to serve him! It will not help to pray to him!'
16. "Of course, evil people don't make their own success. I would never follow their advice.
17. But how often does God blow out their light? How often does trouble come to them? How often does God get angry with them and punish them?
18. Does God blow them away, like the wind blows straw or like strong winds blow the grain husks?
19. But you say, 'God is saving their punishment for their children.' No! Let God punish the evil people themselves so that they will know what they have done!
20. Let them see their own punishment. Let them feel the anger of God All-Powerful.
21. When their life is finished and they are dead, they will not care about the family they leave behind.
22. "No one can teach God anything he doesn't already know. God judges even those in high places.
23. One person dies after living a full and successful life, a life completely safe and comfortable,
24. with a body that was well fed and bones that were still strong.
25. But another person dies after a hard life that has made them bitter, never having enjoyed anything good.
26. In the end, both of these people will lie together in the dirt. The worms will cover them both.
27. "But I know what you are thinking, and I know you want to hurt me.
28. You might say: 'Show me a good man's house. Now, show me where evil people live.'
29. "Surely you have talked with travelers. Surely you will accept their stories.
30. Evil people are spared when disaster comes. They survive when God shows his anger.
31. No one criticizes them to their faces for how they lived. No one punishes them for the evil they have done.
32. When they are carried to the grave, they will have someone to watch over the place they are buried.
33. So even the soil in the valley will be pleasant for them, and thousands of people will join their funeral procession.
34. "So your empty words are no comfort to me. There is no truth at all in your answers!"

Job 22:1-30
1. Then Eliphaz from Teman answered:
2. "Does God need our help? Even the wisest of us is not really useful to him.
3. Does your living right benefit him? Does God All-Powerful gain anything if you follow him?
4. Why does God blame and punish you? Is it because you worship him?
5. No, it is because you sin so much. You never stop sinning.
6. Maybe to guarantee loans you took things from people for no reason. Maybe you took a poor man's clothes to make sure he paid you back.
7. Maybe you failed to give water or food to people who were tired or hungry.
8. You have a lot of farmland, and people respect you.
9. But maybe you sent widows away without giving them anything. And maybe you took advantage of orphans.
10. That is why traps are all around you, and sudden trouble makes you afraid.
11. That is why it is so dark you cannot see, and why a flood of water covers you.
12. "God lives in the highest part of heaven and looks down on the highest stars.
13. But you might say, 'What does God know? Can he see through the dark clouds to judge us?
14. Thick clouds hide us from his eyes, so he cannot see us as he walks around the edge of the sky.'
15. "Job, you are walking on the old path that evil people walked on long ago.
16. They were destroyed before it was their time to die. They were washed away by the flood.
17. They told God, 'Leave us alone!' and said, 'God All-Powerful cannot do anything to us!'
18. And it was God who filled their houses with good things. No, I would never follow the advice of evil people.
19. Those who do what is right are happy to see them destroyed. The innocent laugh at them and say,
20. 'Surely our enemies are destroyed! Their wealth burned up in the fire!'
21. "Now, Job, give yourself to God and make peace with him. Do this, and you will get many good things.
22. Accept his teaching. Pay attention to what he says.
23. If you return to God All-Powerful, you will be restored. But remove the evil from your house.
24. Think of your gold as nothing but dirt. Think of your finest gold as rocks from a stream.
25. And let God All-Powerful be your gold. Let him be your pile of silver.
26. Then you will enjoy God All-Powerful, and you will look up to him.
27. When you pray, he will hear you. And you will be able to do all that you promised him.
28. If you decide to do something, it will be successful. And your future will be very bright!
29. When people are brought down and you ask God to help them, he will rescue those who have been humbled.
30. Even those who are guilty will be forgiven. They will be saved because you did what was right."

Psalms 96:1-6
1. Sing a new song to the Lord! Let the whole world sing to the Lord.
2. Sing to the Lord and praise his name! Tell the good news every day about how he saves us!
3. Tell all the nations how wonderful he is! Tell people everywhere about the amazing things he does.
4. The Lord is great and worthy of praise. He is more awesome than any of the "gods."
5. All the "gods" in other nations are nothing but statues, but the Lord made the heavens.
6. He lives in the presence of glory and honor. His Temple is a place of power and beauty.

Proverbs 23:6-8
6. Don't eat with selfish people. Control any desire you have for their finest foods.
7. They might tell you to eat and drink all you want, but they don't really mean it. They are the kind of people who are only thinking about the cost.
8. And if you eat their food, you will get sick and be embarrassed. — 9 —

Romans 14:1-23
1. Be willing to accept those who still have doubts about what believers can do. And don't argue with them about their different ideas.
2. Some people believe they can eat any kind of food, but those who have doubts eat only vegetables.
3. Those who know they can eat any kind of food must not feel that they are better than those who eat only vegetables. And those who eat only vegetables must not decide that those who eat all foods are wrong. God has accepted them.
4. You cannot judge the servants of someone else. Their own master decides if they are doing right or wrong. And the Lord's servants will be right, because the Lord is able to make them right.
5. Some people might believe that one day is more important than another. And others might believe that every day is the same. Everyone should be sure about their beliefs in their own mind.
6. Those who think one day is more important than other days are doing that for the Lord. And those who eat all kinds of food are doing that for the Lord. Yes, they give thanks to God for that food. And those who refuse to eat some foods do that for the Lord. They also give thanks to God.
7. We don't live or die just for ourselves.
8. If we live, we are living for the Lord. And if we die, we are dying for the Lord. So living or dying, we belong to the Lord.
9. That is why Christ died and rose from death to live again—so that he could be Lord over those who have died and those who are living.
10. So why do you judge your brother or sister in Christ? Or why do you think that you are better than they are? We will all stand before God, and he will judge us all.
11. Yes, the Scriptures say, "'As surely as I live,' says the Lord, 'Everyone will bow before me; everyone will say that I am God.'"
12. So each of us will have to explain to God about the things we do.
13. So we should stop judging each other. Let's decide not to do anything that will cause a problem for a brother or sister or hurt their faith.
14. I know that there is no food that is wrong to eat. The Lord Jesus is the one who convinced me of that. But if someone believes that something is wrong, then it is wrong for that person.
15. If you hurt the faith of your brother or sister because of something you eat, you are not really following the way of love. Don't destroy anyone's faith by eating something they think is wrong. Christ died for them.
16. Don't allow what is good for you to become something they say is evil.
17. In God's kingdom, what we eat and drink is not important. Here is what is important: a right way of life, peace, and joy—all from the Holy Spirit.
18. Whoever serves Christ by living this way is pleasing God, and they will be accepted by others.
19. So let's try as hard as we can to do what will bring peace. Let's do whatever will help each other grow stronger in faith.
20. Don't let the eating of food destroy the work of God. All food is right to eat, but it is wrong for anyone to eat something that hurts the faith of another person.
21. It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything else that hurts the faith of your brother or sister.
22. You should keep your beliefs about these things a secret between yourself and God. It is a blessing to be able to do what you think is right without feeling guilty.
23. But anyone who eats something without being sure it is right is doing wrong. That is because they did not believe it was right. And if you do anything that you believe is not right, it is sin.