Bible in one year

April 3

Deuteronomy 29:1-29
1. The Lord made an agreement with the Israelites at Mount Horeb. In addition to that agreement, he also commanded Moses to make another agreement with them while they were in Moab. This is that agreement.
2. Moses called together all the Israelites. He said to them, "You saw everything the Lord did in the land of Egypt. You saw what he did to Pharaoh, to Pharaoh's officers, and to his whole country.
3. You saw the great troubles he gave them. You saw the miracles and amazing things he did.
4. But even today, you still don't understand what happened. The Lord has not let you really understand what you saw and heard.
5. The Lord led you through the desert for 40 years, and in all that time your clothes and shoes did not wear out.
6. You did not have any food with you. You did not have any wine or anything else to drink. But the Lord took care of you so that you would understand that he is the Lord your God.
7. "You came to this place, and King Sihon of Heshbon and King Og of Bashan came out to fight against us. But we defeated them.
8. Then we took their land and gave it to the people in the tribes of Reuben and Gad and to half the tribe of Manasseh.
9. If you obey all the commands in this agreement, you will continue to succeed in everything you do.
10. "Today all of you are standing here before the Lord your God. Your leaders, your officials, your elders, and all the other men are here.
11. Your wives and children are here and also the foreigners living among you—the people who cut your wood and bring you water.
12. You are all here to enter into an agreement with the Lord your God. The Lord your God is making this agreement with you today.
13. With this agreement, the Lord is making you his own special people, and he himself will become your God. He told you this. He promised this to your ancestors — Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
14. The Lord is making this agreement with its promises not only with you people.
15. He is making this agreement with all of us who stand here today before the Lord our God. But this agreement is also for our descendants who are not here with us today.
16. You remember how we lived in the land of Egypt. And you remember how we traveled through the countries that were on our way here.
17. You saw their hated things—the idols they had made from wood, stone, silver, and gold.
18. Be sure that there is no man, woman, family or tribe here today who turns away from the Lord our God. No one should go and serve the gods of the other nations. People who do that are like a plant that grows bitter and poisonous fruit.
19. "Some people might hear these curses and comfort themselves by saying, 'I will continue doing what I want. Nothing bad will happen to me.' But that attitude will bring total disaster.
20. The Lord will not forgive them for that. No, the Lord will be angry and upset at them and punish them. The Lord will separate them from the tribes of Israel. He will completely destroy them. All the curses that are written in this book will happen to them. They are a part of the agreement that is written in this Book of Teachings.
22. "In the future, your descendants and foreigners from faraway countries will see how the land has been ruined. They will see the diseases that the Lord has brought to it.
23. All the land will be useless— destroyed by burning sulfur and covered with salt. The land will have nothing planted in it. Nothing will be growing—not even weeds. The land will be destroyed like Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboiim, the cities the Lord destroyed when he was very angry.
24. "All the other nations will ask, 'Why did the Lord do this to this land? Why was he so angry?'
25. The answer will be: 'The Lord is angry because the Israelites left the agreement of the Lord, the God of their ancestors. They stopped following the agreement that the Lord made with them when he brought them out of Egypt.
26. The Israelites started serving other gods—gods they never worshiped before. The Lord told his people not to worship those gods.
27. That is why the Lord became very angry with the people of this land. So he brought to them all the curses that are written in this book.
28. The Lord became very angry and upset with them. So he took them out of their land. He put them in another land, where they are today.'
29. "There are some things that the Lord our God has kept secret. Only he knows these things. But he told us about some things. And these teachings are for us and our descendants forever. And we must obey all the commands in that law.

Deuteronomy 30:1-20
1. "Everything that I have mentioned will happen to you—both the blessings and the curses. And you will remember these words when the Lord your God sends you away to other nations.
2. Then you and your descendants will turn back to the Lord your God. You will follow him with all your heart and completely obey all his commands that I have given you today.
3. Then the Lord your God will be kind to you. The Lord your God will make you free again! He will bring you back from the nations where he sent you.
4. Even if you were sent to the farthest parts of the earth, the Lord your God will gather you from there and bring you back.
5. The Lord your God will bring you into the land your ancestors had, and the land will become yours. He will do good to you, and you will have more than your ancestors had. You will have more people in your nation than they ever had.
6. The Lord your God will make you and your descendants want to obey him. Then you will love the Lord your God with all your heart. And you will live!
7. "Then the Lord your God will make all these bad things happen to your enemies because they hate you and give you trouble.
8. And you will again obey the Lord. You will obey all his commands that I give you today.
9. The Lord your God will make you successful in everything you do. He will bless you with many children. He will bless your cows—they will have many calves. He will bless your fields—they will grow many good crops. He will be good to you. The Lord will again enjoy doing good for you, the same as he enjoyed doing good for your ancestors.
10. But you must do what the Lord your God tells you to do. You must obey his commands and follow the rules that are written in this Book of Teachings. You must obey the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Then these good things will happen to you.
11. "This command that I give you today is not too hard for you. It is not a secret hidden in some far away land.
12. This command is not in heaven so that you should say, 'Who will go up to heaven for us and bring it to us, so that we can hear and do it?'
13. This command is not on the other side of the sea so that you should say, 'Who will go across the sea for us and bring it to us, so that we can hear it and do it?'
14. No, the word is very near to you. It is in your mouth and in your heart. So you can obey it.
15. "Today I have given you a choice between life and death, success and disaster.
16. I command you today to love the Lord your God. I command you to follow him and to obey his commands, laws, and rules. Then you will live, and your nation will grow larger. And the Lord your God will bless you in the land that you are entering to take for your own.
17. But if you turn away from the Lord and refuse to listen—if you are led away to worship and serve other gods,
18. then you will be destroyed. I am warning you today, if you turn away from the Lord, you will not live long in that land across the Jordan River that you are ready to enter and take for your own.
19. "Today I am giving you a choice of two ways. And I ask heaven and earth to be witnesses of your choice. You can choose life or death. The first choice will bring a blessing. The other choice will bring a curse. So choose life! Then you and your children will live.
20. You must love the Lord your God and obey him. Never leave him, because the Lord is your life. And the Lord will give you a long life in the land that he promised to give to your ancestors —Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob."

Psalms 40:1-5
1. To the director: A song of David. I called to the Lord, and he heard me. He heard my cries.
2. He lifted me out of the grave. He lifted me from that muddy place. He picked me up, put me on solid ground, and kept my feet from slipping.
3. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see what he did and worship him. They will put their trust in the Lord.
4. What great blessings there are for those who trust in the Lord, for those who do not turn to demons and false gods for help.
5. Lord my God, you have done many amazing things! You have made great plans for us— too many to list. I could talk on and on about them, because there are too many to count.

Proverbs 13:9-10
9. The light of those who do right shines brighter and brighter, but the lamp of the wicked becomes darker and darker.
10. Pride causes arguments, but those who listen to others are wise.

Luke 7:1-30
1. Jesus finished saying all these things to the people. Then he went into Capernaum.
2. In Capernaum there was an army officer. He had a servant who was very sick; he was near death. The officer loved the servant very much.
3. When he heard about Jesus, he sent some older Jewish leaders to him. He wanted the men to ask Jesus to come and save the life of his servant.
4. The men went to Jesus. They begged Jesus to help the officer. They said, "This officer is worthy to have your help.
5. He loves our people and he built the synagogue for us."
6. So Jesus went with them. He was coming near the officer's house when the officer sent friends to say, "Lord, you don't need to do anything special for me. I am not good enough for you to come into my house.
7. That is why I did not come to you myself. You need only to give the order, and my servant will be healed.
8. I know this because I am a man under the authority of other men. And I have soldiers under my authority. I tell one soldier, 'Go,' and he goes. And I tell another soldier, 'Come,' and he comes. And I say to my servant, 'Do this,' and my servant obeys me."
9. When Jesus heard this, he was amazed. He turned to the people following him and said, "I tell you, this is the most faith I have seen anywhere, even in Israel. "
10. The group that was sent to Jesus went back to the house. There they found that the servant was healed.
11. The next day Jesus and his followers went to a town called Nain. A big crowd was traveling with them.
12. When Jesus came near the town gate, he saw some people carrying a dead body. It was the only son of a woman who was a widow. Walking with her were many other people from the town.
13. When the Lord saw the woman, he felt very sorry for her and said, "Don't cry."
14. He walked to the open coffin and touched it. The men who were carrying the coffin stopped. Jesus spoke to the dead son: "Young man, I tell you, get up!"
15. Then the boy sat up and began to talk, and Jesus gave him back to his mother.
16. Everyone was filled with fear. They began praising God and said, "A great prophet is here with us!" and "God is taking care of his people."
17. This news about Jesus spread all over Judea and to all the other places around there.
18. John's followers told him about all these things. John called for two of his followers.
19. He sent them to the Lord to ask, "Are you the one we heard was coming, or should we wait for someone else?"
20. So the men came to Jesus. They said, "John the Baptizer sent us to you with this question: 'Are you the one who is coming, or should we wait for someone else?'"
21. Right then Jesus healed many people of their sicknesses and diseases. He healed those who had evil spirits and made many who were blind able to see again.
22. Then he said to John's followers, "Go tell John what you have seen and heard: The blind can see. The crippled can walk. People with leprosy are healed. The deaf can hear. The dead are brought back to life. And the Good News is being told to the poor.
23. What great blessings there are for those who don't have a problem accepting me."
24. When John's followers left, Jesus began talking to the people about John: "What did you people go out into the desert to see? Someone who is weak, like a stem of grass blowing in the wind?
25. Really, what did you expect to see? Someone dressed in fine clothes? Of course not. People who wear fancy clothes and live in luxury are all in kings' palaces.
26. So what did you go out to see? A prophet? Yes, John is a prophet. But I tell you, he is more than that.
27. This Scripture was written about him: 'Listen! I will send my messenger ahead of you. He will prepare the way for you.'
28. I tell you, no one ever born is greater than John. But even the least important person in God's kingdom is greater than John."
29. (When the people heard this, they all agreed that God's teaching was good. Even the tax collectors agreed. These were the people who were baptized by John.
30. But the Pharisees and experts in the law refused to accept God's plan for themselves; they did not let John baptize them.)