Bible in one year

October 1

Isaiah 53:1-12
1. Who really believed what we heard? Who saw in it the Lord's great power?
2. He was always close to the Lord. He grew up like a young plant, like a root growing in dry ground. There was nothing special or impressive about the way he looked, nothing we could see that would cause us to like him.
3. People made fun of him, and even his friends left him. He was a man who suffered a lot of pain and sickness. We treated him like someone of no importance, like someone people will not even look at but turn away from in disgust.
4. The fact is, it was our suffering he took on himself; he bore our pain. But we thought that God was punishing him, that God was beating him for something he did.
5. But he was being punished for what we did. He was crushed because of our guilt. He took the punishment we deserved, and this brought us peace. We were healed because of his pain.
6. We had all wandered away like sheep. We had gone our own way. And yet the Lord put all our guilt on him.
7. He was treated badly, but he never protested. He said nothing, like a lamb being led away to be killed. He was like a sheep that makes no sound as its wool is being cut off. He never opened his mouth to defend himself.
8. He was taken away by force and judged unfairly. The people of his time did not even notice that he was killed. But he was put to death for the sins of his people.
9. He had done no wrong to anyone. He had never even told a lie. But he was buried among the wicked. His tomb was with the rich.
10. But the Lord was pleased with this humble servant who suffered such pain. Even after giving himself as an offering for sin, he will see his descendants and enjoy a long life. He will succeed in doing what the Lord wanted.
11. After his suffering he will see the light, and he will be satisfied with what he experienced. The Lord says, "My servant, who always does what is right, will make his people right with me; he will take away their sins.
12. For this reason I will treat him as one of my great people. I will give him the rewards of one who wins in battle, and he will share them with his powerful ones. I will do this because he gave his life for the people. He was considered a criminal, but the truth is, he carried away the sins of many. Now he will stand before me and speak for those who have sinned."

Isaiah 54:1-17
1. Woman, be happy! You have not had any children, but you should be very happy. The Lord says, "The woman who is alone will have more children than the woman with a husband."
2. Make your tent bigger. Open your doors wide. Don't think small! Make your tent large and strong,
3. because you will grow in all directions. Your children will take over many nations and live in the cities that were destroyed.
4. Don't be afraid! You will not be disappointed. People will not say bad things against you. You will not be embarrassed. When you were young, you felt shame. But you will forget that shame now. You will not remember the shame that you felt because you lost your husband.
5. Your real husband is the one who made you. His name is the Lord All-Powerful. The Holy One of Israel is your Protector, and he is the God of all the earth!
6. You were like a woman whose husband had left her. You were very sad in your spirit, when the Lord called you to be his. You were like a woman who married young, and then her husband left her when God called you to be his.
7. God says, "I left you, but only for a short time. But with all my love, I will bring you back to me again.
8. I became angry and turned away from you for a short time. But I will comfort you with kindness forever." The Lord your Savior said this.
9. God says, "Remember, in Noah's time I punished the world with the flood. But I made a promise to Noah that I would never again destroy the world with a flood. In the same way, I promise that I will never again be angry with you and say bad things to you.
10. "The mountains may disappear, and the hills may become dust, but my faithful love will never leave you. I will make peace with you, and it will never end." The Lord who loves you said this.
11. "You poor city! Enemies came against you like storms, and no one comforted you. But I will rebuild you. I will use a beautiful mortar to lay the stones of your walls. I will use sapphire stones when I lay the foundation.
12. The stones on top of the wall will be made from rubies. I will use shiny jewels for the gates. I will use precious stones to build the walls around you.
13. Your children will all be followers of God. And they will have real peace.
14. You will be built on goodness. You will be safe from cruelty and fear. So you will have nothing to fear. Nothing will come to hurt you.
15. I will never send anyone to attack you. And if any army tries to attack you, you will defeat them.
16. "Look, I made the blacksmith. He blows on the fire to make it hotter. Then he takes the hot iron and makes the kind of tool he wants to make. In the same way, I made the 'Destroyer' to destroy things.
17. "People will make weapons to fight against you, but their weapons will not defeat you. Some people will say things against you, but anyone who speaks against you will be proved wrong." The Lord says, "That is what my servants get! They get the good things that come from me.

Psalms 113:1-4
1. Praise the Lord! Servants of the Lord, praise him! Praise the Lord's name.
2. May the Lord's name be praised now and forever.
3. May the Lord's name be praised from where the sun rises to where it goes down.
4. The Lord is higher than all nations. His glory rises to the skies.

Proverbs 26:17-19
17. To step between two people arguing is as foolish as going out into the street and grabbing a stray dog by the ears.
18. Anyone who would trick someone and then say, "I was only joking" is like a fool who shoots flaming arrows into the air and accidentally kills someone.

Ephesians 3:1-21
1. So I, Paul, am a prisoner because I serve Christ Jesus for you who are not Jews.
2. Surely you know that God gave me this work through his grace to help you.
3. God let me know his secret plan by showing it to me. I have already written a little about this.
4. And if you read what I wrote, you can see that I understand the secret truth about the Christ.
5. People who lived in other times were not told that secret truth. But now, through the Spirit, God has made it known to his holy apostles and prophets.
6. And this is the secret truth: that by hearing the Good News, those who are not Jews will share with the Jews in the blessings God has for his people. They are part of the same body, and they share in the promise God made through Christ Jesus.
7. By God's special gift of grace, I became a servant to tell that Good News. He gave me that grace by using his power.
8. I am the least important of all God's people. But he gave me this gift—to tell the non- Jewish people the Good News about the riches Christ has. These riches are too great to understand fully.
9. And God gave me the work of telling all people about the plan for his secret truth. That secret truth has been hidden in him since the beginning of time. He is the one who created everything.
10. His purpose was that all the rulers and powers in the heavenly places will now know the many different ways he shows his wisdom. They will know this because of the church.
11. This agrees with the plan God had since the beginning of time. He did what he planned, and he did it through Christ Jesus our Lord.
12. In Christ we come before God with freedom and without fear. We can do this because of our faith in Christ.
13. So I ask you not to be discouraged because of what is happening to me. My sufferings are for your benefit—for your honor and glory.
14. So I bow in prayer before the Father.
15. Every family in heaven and on earth gets its true name from him.
16. I ask the Father with his great glory to give you the power to be strong in your spirits. He will give you that strength through his Spirit.
17. I pray that Christ will live in your hearts because of your faith. I pray that your life will be strong in love and be built on love.
18. And I pray that you and all God's holy people will have the power to understand the greatness of Christ's love—how wide, how long, how high, and how deep that love is.
19. Christ's love is greater than anyone can ever know, but I pray that you will be able to know that love. Then you can be filled with everything God has for you.
20. With God's power working in us, he can do much, much more than anything we can ask or think of.
21. To him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus for all time, forever and ever. Amen.