Bible in one year

August 17

Job 26:1-14
1. BUT JOB answered,
2. How you have helped him who is without power! How you have sustained the arm that is without strength!
3. How you have counseled him who has no wisdom! And how plentifully you have declared to him sound knowledge!
4. With whose assistance have you uttered these words? And whose spirit [inspired what] came forth from you?
5. The shades of the dead tremble underneath the waters and their inhabitants.
6. Sheol (the place of the dead) is naked before God, and Abaddon (the place of destruction) has no covering [from His eyes].
7. He it is Who spreads out the northern skies over emptiness and hangs the earth upon or over nothing.
8. He holds the waters bound in His clouds [which otherwise would spill on earth all at once], and the cloud is not rent under them.
9. He covers the face of His throne and spreads over it His cloud.
10. He has placed an enclosing limit [the horizon] upon the waters at the boundary between light and darkness.
11. The pillars of the heavens tremble and are astonished at His rebuke.
12. He stills or stirs up the sea by His power, and by His understanding He smites proud Rahab.
13. By His breath the heavens are garnished; His hand pierced the [swiftly] fleeing serpent. [Ps. 33:6.]
14. Yet these are but [a small part of His doings] the outskirts of His ways or the mere fringes of His force, the faintest whisper of His voice! Who dares contemplate or who can understand the thunders of His full, magnificent power?

Psalms 96:11-13
11. Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice; let the sea roar, and all the things which fill it;
12. Let the field be exultant, and all that is in it! Then shall all the trees of the wood sing for joy
13. Before the Lord, for He comes, for He comes to judge and govern the earth! He shall judge the world with righteousness and justice and the peoples with His faithfulness and truth. [I Chron. 16:23-33; Rev. 19:11.]

Proverbs 23:10-12
10. Remove not the ancient landmark and enter not into the fields of the fatherless, [Deut. 19:14; 27:17; Prov. 22:28.]
11. For their Redeemer is mighty; He will plead their cause against you.
12. Apply your mind to instruction and correction and your ears to words of knowledge.

Romans 15:25-33
25. For the present, however, I am going to Jerusalem to bring aid (relief) for the saints (God's people there).
26. For it has been the good pleasure of Macedonia and Achaia to make some contribution for the poor among the saints of Jerusalem.
27. They were pleased to do it; and surely they are in debt to them, for if these Gentiles have come to share in their [the Jerusalem Jews'] spiritual blessings, then they ought also to be of service to them in material blessings.
28. When therefore I have completed this mission and have delivered to them [at Jerusalem] what has been raised, I shall go on by way of you to Spain.
29. And I know that when I do come to you, I shall come in the abundant blessing of the Gospel of Christ.
30. I appeal to you [I entreat you], brethren, for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love [given by] the Spirit, to unite with me in earnest wrestling in prayer to God in my behalf.
31. [Pray] that I may be delivered (rescued) from the unbelievers in Judea and that my mission of relief to Jerusalem may be acceptable and graciously received by the saints (God's people there),
32. So that by God's will I may subsequently come to you with joy (with a happy heart) and be refreshed [by the interval of rest] in your company.
33. May [our] peace-giving God be with you all! Amen (so be it).